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Sanic Sketches 4

Character  Sonic the hedgehog
2-5 minute doodles. I know I know, this is not how good-looking sketches are made. It's just a pile of experimental doodles, multicolored pencils are fun
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You did each one of these in just five minutes?! Dude you're fast! :O Seriously, I have no idea how you're able to draw these so quickly and have such high quality to them. Sonic's movements here are phenomenal :heart:

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Gotta go fast! Okay, the one with emerald took a bit longer, because I've fixed his right hand XD It's just what I can draw without thinking much? It does not always turns out successful though. I've been drawing live models a lot, like, 5, 2-1 minute poses with no time to fix, (sometimes just gestures) I guess this helped me to become faster. THE STRESS DRAWING, haha.

Thank you so much for your wonderful support, Bea! :hug:

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It does help! Gesture drawing is considered a part of art fundamentals for a reason, as the line of action is very important so that the sketch doesn't come out stiff. The fact that you have to draw under a very limited time (30-60 seconds being the earliest) forces you to accept your mistakes more often as well (and mine too, haha).

You're welcome Blaze! :hug: