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Voidwalker Riven


Edit: the armor is rushed, if you want to draw her feel free to design your own armor, as long as you keep the redish scarf thing and the bracers c:
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you'd think the one scientific voidling would learn to more of an impartial observer.
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this one will always be my favorite variation
What are you talking about? That armor looks fucking awesome
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Now this is AWESOME!!
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Well done by pupil now show the fleshlings the tri slash void technique.
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She looks so cool.
this armor is sick
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i like the idea!
Alt universe where riven took her banishment to the extreme and had Malzahar send her into the void reemerging later as the Void Exile
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I would love this as a Riven skin.. omg.. 
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Guess what...
You earned a like WOOOOOOOO
*cues applause and air guitar*
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Ithink Diana fits better in that suit.
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This is amazing 10/10. I want it to become a real thing.
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Dude this is amazing!
I dont know if you've played skyrim or not, but it totally reminds me of the nightingales faction armor!
if you can please, make more versions of this!
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Im working on it (:
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I'm def gonna draw a fanart of this :D
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I'd sell my sister for this skin.
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Artorias...?! More badass female Artorias! Now that's what LoL needed - a bit of Dark Souls :3!
BlazeMalefica's avatar
Super late reply, yeah, this skin idea is based on him c:
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It's fine, I luv him as well :D! He's the best; most enjoyable boss fight, though I never wanted to kill him, but it was for the best TT__TT...
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I would have said the Alva set from "Dark Souls 2"... but without the ornaments ! (^w^")
Cirex123's avatar
Well yeah, now when you mentioned it, but Alva set and Artorias's set are quite similar in some ways and her name is also Voidwalker! Guess that's the main reason why she reminds me of so much :3!
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