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Pokemon Gold and Silver beta - FULL POKEDEX

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Pokemon fans are really excited for the scrapped designs recently discovered in the beta versions of Pokémon Gold and Silver, so... here's our version of the ENTIRE Pokedex in old gen style, made by me and my friends in these few couple of days. Enjoy!

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Thank you for putting this together!

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You know, this makes me sad that we never got both the Meowth pre-evolution, Tangela pre-evolution, Weepinbell split evolution, Shellder split evolution and Qwilfish evolution in the actual games because they would been great additions. Also, i want that Pinsir evolution and as well as that regular evolution for Farfetch'd, i never liked both Mega Pinsir and Sirfetch'd, The Pinsir evolution should've been in Gen 6 and while Farfetch'd should've have a regular evolution instead of a regional evolution.

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DoukzStudent Digital Artist
A bit late here, but some of these are honestly so cute, I wish they were real
The Hoppip line is absolutely adorable and I wish that was the official one instead, I love the emo scene looking legendary dogs (especially Suicune), those cats with the bells and the pre-evolution Meowth that has the Mario coins?
I also prefer this Murkrow and Tangela over the real ones to be honest!

Although I'm really glad they didn't go for some of these, the fire and water starters seem underdeveloped and Hitmontop is just kinda creepy
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BubblegumdoveHobbyist Writer

You've done such a great job in rendering these! 👏👏👏👏👏💙

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sleepiluStudent Digital Artist

ngl, i wish these were the actual pokemon :(

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Honsetly same.
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Say whatever you want but baby Grimer is adorable
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Would've taken this version of lickylicky no doubt. But with a different name, please
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Awesome :) Any chance you'll be doing all the other Beta/Rejected/Scrapped/Cancelled Pokemon??

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Awww when I discover these pokémon...
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IkaMusumeFan06Hobbyist Digital Artist
I hope if Game Freak wants to re use the unused pokemons in Pokemon Sword and Shield Version soon.
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Well, we are getting an evolved form for Farfetch'd.
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ZonefieldHobbyist Artist
The chikorita evolution is kind of weird. Good thing they added bayleef and removed that weird butterfly pokemon cause it dont make sense chikorita evolving to that when she doesnt have a appearance of a caterpillar
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Z13883619412 General Artist
At first,Dark type didn't exist in Demo version.Bite was still a Normal-type move.
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Gen 2 Lickilicky > The fat buttmunch we have now. 
Clearly they should’ve kept the old one.

Beta Girafarig > The cute yet deserves more love and looks like it has potential giraffe.
While Girafarig is cute I like the beta more, hopefully they will unscrap the beta and make it an evolution for Girafarig, maybe give it a Psychic/Dark typing considering it was gonna be dark to begin with? =P

Hopefully they will unscrap Pangshi one day though... ;w; 
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IkaMusumeFan06Hobbyist Digital Artist
And Also Leafeon, Blissey (Looks like an early design of Happinny, and Pommy from Bomberman), Mime Jr. (originally was called as "Ballerina"), Smoochum (originally was called as "Lip"), Elekid (originally was called as "Elebaby") too.
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Beta Leafeon > Modern Leafeon

I never liked Leafeon’s brown paws tbh design wise.. 

I know who Pommy is but never got to play games he was in.. :/ Only have R, Generations, and Jetters on the Gamecube for Bomberman.
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Simply amazing, however, I have been playing the Pokemon Gold version for a while now from… and I couldn't find any of these so far. Are they available only in the original game or I just need to look better?
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only in the beta demo which can be found on The Cutting Room Floor.
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skysoul25Student General Artist
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bunifuStudent General Artist
Beta Espeon had two separate tails, which I think is slightly cooler than the Espeon we got
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I feel bad for all the unused baby pokemon...
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HunterKharonHobbyist Digital Artist
It is always interesting to look back at the Beta designs to see what they had down and what was still being refined, but it can also be awesome to see what they scrapped, or what they implemented later than their original plans.

For example, we can see that Chikorita, Mareep, and a number of other Pokemon families were pretty well designed even at this point, though I am grateful they switched out the middle-form of Chikorita's line for the Bayleef we all know today. Others were still in need of a lot of work, like the Legendary Beasts, Sneasel, Aipom, and the Cyndaquil family. Espeon and Umbreon have perfect designs, and they showcase that GF really knew what they wanted to do with Psychic/Dark and suggest that even this early on they knew they wanted the day/night cycle.

We also see they intended quite a few more Baby Pokemon that we've never gotten: Baby forms for Vulpix, Tangela, Paras, Doduo, Meowth, Ponyta, Grimer, Growlithe, and possibly even Goldeen. That's 9 Baby Pokemon that we never got.

We also see that they had planned evolutions for a number of Pokemon that got scrapped: Qwilfish was designed with an evolution, it's possible that Shellder was going to gain a King's Stone evolution, Weepinbell was going to get a Sun Stone evolution, and both Farfetch'd and Pinsir were intended to get evolutions as well. That's another five Pokemon that seem to have been totally scrapped as of today.

Of course, some of these Pokemon just got additional time to be developed: Tangela's evolution finally showed up, alongside Mr.Mime's baby form, in Generation 4, as did the final Pokemon in this image, called "Leafeo" in at least one source I've seen -- it's a very early design for Leafia, or as most of us English speakers know it: Leafeon. The three following Marill may (and I only say may) have been developed into Clamperl, Huntail, and Gorebyss for Generation 3, while the two preceding Murkrow may have ultimately been developed into Shuppet and Banette. This is just speculation, but we can see that they wanted several more Ghost-type Pokemon in Generation 2, but all we ended up getting was one -- Misdreavus who isn't even in the beta! And how about that dark-type cat? Could it have eventually turned into Purrloin and Liepard in Generation 5? The electric tiger thing may have become Electrike/Manectric in Gen 3, or Shinx/Luxio/Luxray in Gen 4 -- I'd lean towards the latter, since Gen 4 seemed to revisit a lot of previously scrapped ideas. The sunshine-lion thing may have been redesigned into Castform, though I've seen it called Porygon2, and it would have been a wild change from Porygon to that... And Lickilicky was designed at this point, though it clearly got some refinement between now and Gen 4.

Most of these Pokemon got some more refinement. Some gained evolutions, or pre-evolutions, some changed their apparent species, while keeping some gimmick:

* Noctowl took on more of the "wise owl" look than a sleek predator, but I could see this being re-added at some point as either a middle-stage or some alternate evolution (gender? special item?)
* Quagsire gained a pre-evolution in the form of Wooper, despite Quagsire's design being almost perfect.
* The last Pokemon in the second row appears to be an early design of Mantine, sho would up with a cuter, sleeker form.
* Spinarak's evolution looked pretty mean, and while it would fit in with some of the later generations, it got a simplified re-design to become Ariados.
* Marill gained an evolution (Azumarill) and eventually a baby form (Azurill) that were nowhere in the Beta, though Marill itself was almost set.
* Sunflora also had a very clear design, and gained its own pre-evolution, Sunkern.
* While Ledyba stayed almost untouched, its evolution was drastically altered to produce Ledian. I could see this original design being scrapped for being too similar to the basic form, but I wouldn't complain if it came back in some way as an alternate evolution in the future.
* Notice how Hoppip, Skiploom, and Jumpluff are all cat-heads here, but were given a more sturdy body by the final, with little, or no, tail. They knew what was iconic about these three and just made the design hold together more.
* Delibird got a more Santa-ish look.
* Every single Baby (except Togepi) that stayed in the game was refined to produce our modern Pichu, Cleffa, Igglybuff, Smoochum, Elekid, and Magby. They were all made cuter with more rounded, but distinct, features for their body, though Igglybuff, Smoochum, and Magby were the closest to their final forms at this stage.
* Scizor was so close to the final design, it just got sleeked up and recolored.
* Blissey seems chubbier (because it's shorter) in the Beta than the final design, which came out a lot cuter by being more minimal, but more frilly.
* Kingdra looks more in line with its evolutions in this design, it's one of the few I would say may have been a loss in the re-design to modern Kingdra.
* Murkrow got a bit more angular in its redesigns, I think to reflect its Dark type better, and Sneasel actually got designed to look dark and mischievous, instead of just cute and playful.
* Aipom became less of a lemur and more of a chimpanzee. Interestingly, this is one of the other cases where the original design feels so good, I might prefer it to the official. Think about a lemur-based Ambipom, and tell me it wouldn't be a much more interesting design than our Ambipom.
* The Legendary Beasts look so normal, a lot like the Legendary Birds in Gen 1. Is it possible their "Divine" redesigns came about as a consequence of the lore behind the Brass Tower and the complex designs of Ho-oh? Note that Ho-oh and Lugia did set a new direction for Legendaries, that they actually look both mythological and awe-inspiring, while the original Legendaries were a bit more natural in their designs.
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HunterKharonHobbyist Digital Artist
To note: You all did a wonderful job with this! I just love looking at the beta and cut content to see, or imagine, what might have been. Note that this list carries us from 152-251, and there is believed to be a limit of 256 Pokemon on the GameBoy and GameBoy/Color hardware (note: there probably isn't due to hardware, but there probably is due to coding). Where I note that 9 baby and 5 evolved Pokemon are totally scrapped to date, most of those, and the never-released new Pokemon, would have been cut to give us the whole selection we did get in Gen 2. We know that some Pokemon get delayed due to difficulties in coding them at a given point in time, or development time frames, or other reasons, but I think it's safe to say that many of these Pokemon have been refined into something we have seen since Gen 2.

This is just such a great project. Thank you for sharing all of this hard work with us!
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