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A Care Bear with Mental Problem
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My little Topal by BlazeHeartPanther, visual art

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My Bio
Hello, I am Blaze Heart Panther, I happen to love a bunch of things. I love Care Bears for 1, I also love Nintendo, Disney, Animation, Babyfurs, My Little Pony, Pokemon, Super Smash Bros, Kingdom Hearts, Castlevania, Resident Evil, Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood, that kind of stuff. I love to eat, My favorite is Pizza, the king of all italian foods but all in all, if you happen to like talking about the stuff that I like, contact me sometime. enjoy the wonderful world of Blaze Heart. Plus, if you love Mythies by :iconkelvinthelion: Join my club for it here :iconbabymythies:

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DA Family
Babies :iconhaq-ali-haq: :iconjameyemerald:

Current Residence: Burnsville MN
Favourite genre of music: Hip-Hop
Favourite photographer:
Favourite style of art: Hand-drawn, Stop-Motion
Shell of choice: Green and Yellow
Wallpaper of choice: Care Bear Disney Related
Skin of choice: White
Favourite cartoon character: Panky (Pink Panther and Sons)
Personal Quote: Seeing is Believing.

Favourite Visual Artist
ThisCrispyKat fredvegerano KelvintheLion Marci Mcadams
Favourite Movies
Dumbo, Bambi, Fantasia, Lion King, Brother Bear, Wreck-it Ralph
Favourite TV Shows
MLPFiM, Jane and the Dragon, Animaniacs, Big Bang Theory
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Favourite Games
Super Smash Bros Series
Favourite Gaming Platform
Sandbox, Platform, Fighting
Tools of the Trade
I shall use the most mysterious creature of all, The Hole Puncher, they run in packs you know
Other Interests
Nintendo, Disney, Care Bears, My Little Pony, Forgotten Sega characters
Great artist by the name of ~Paddlinton ( needs our help. He needs some cash so he can move out. I love his artwork and I wholeheartingly recommend you check out his stuff Here is his commission page And here are some of his works to give you an idea of what he draws Go and check him out.
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Wow...….It would seem that Zoe Quinn is not the worst thing about all this. YOU ARE Scott. You completely and utterly try to disown the man who made you who you are after he has been dead these past few days and go about as if working for him is the worst thing in the video game industry. How FUCKING dare you. You just wanted to make your little post (which you blocked anyone from commenting on) so that you don't get shunned by the industry and protect your "pwecious wittle carreer". Well, guess what, you just made yourself look worst  You are a sorry sack of shit that doesn't deserve to work in this or any industry EVER AGAIN. Now I am
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I hope you guys are fucking proud of yourself for believing in a fucking hack like Zoe Quinn to fire your games original creator that he'd kill himself. I was at one point considering getting your game, Night In The Woods, but after seeing this, I might not because you chose to believe in a FUCKING LIAR like her over a man who didn't have a change to defend himself just because of some fucking tweets. This is disgusting and this has to stop. I hope you guys apologize for this, cause if you don't then you can go get fucked for all I care. FUCK YOU NIGHT IN THE WOODS, GET FUCKED!
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Hi Blaze. Are you busy?

Hello there mr. Blaze heart I wish to tell you something of mine that I think you’ll like!! I’m making a gag manga series and one of the concepts involved a care bears inspired guild of cyber knights known as the knights of the heart table !! Two of these members are knights in training Harriet and Terrance Starr (Inspired by Hugs and Tugs) and they also joined a clan known as the D.Lin clan led by Arron.D.Lin (inspired by apple Dumplin from strawberry shortcake one of my fave nostalgic series!) I have a concept drawing of it if you want to see!!

I noticed something off in one of your old drawings...

Baby Daniel Tiger is big compared to his parents.

Yea, I know, that was back when I as bad at drawing XP

Thanks for the faves and watch

No prob, you got some cute art ^^