Suite PreCure meet the Dream Traveler Chapter 1

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Suite PreCure meet the Dream Traveler
Chapter 1 : Fateful Encounter

Legend: <> actions , () thoughts

On the outskirt of Kanon Town,  the sound of the motorcycle engine is heard from the outside of the town. The motorcyclist is riding towards the street to Kanon Town as he arrived from the gate of the city and parked his motorcycle on the roadside. The motorcyclist is a 17-year old young boy with blonde hair similar to Solar Boy Django hairstyle, as his face look exactly the same as Solar Boy Django, with white strips appeared on his left cheek, his eyes have two different colors, his left eye is normally brown while his right eye is as blue as the sky, he has a masked ninja headband on his head and the crimson scarf around his neck, he wear his handmade ninja vest-like armor which is likely customizable, both his arms wear ninja arm gloves and his right hand wears a gauntlet, he wears long black pants and he wear boots-like sneakers which is his favorite shoes. Surprisingly, his back equipped two swords that is mainly his weapons, caused the people to shocked and surprised but he doesn't care about the people stared at him.

Girl: Welcome to Kanon Town.

As he turned around, he met a girl whom she greeted cheerfully. She has dark blue eyes and waist-length orange hair, part of which she ties up into twintails at the top of her head with long pink ribbons. She normally dresses in a black dress-like top, with long white sleeves, a pattern of pink hearts on the front, and pink frills at the sleeves and bottom of the dress. She also wears long black leggings and white/pink sports shoes.

Girl: My name is Hibiki Hojo. <she stretched her right hand>
Boy: Blaze Akechi. <took her right hand for handshake>
Hibiki: Nice to meet you, Blaze Akechi.
Blaze: Just Blaze, thanks. Nice to meet ya, too.
Hibiki: <smile> And you can call me Hibiki, Blaze.
Blaze: <smile> Right, Hibiki.
Hibiki: What's bring you here in Kanon Town, Blaze?

Blaze paused for a second for answer and then he answered Hibiki's question.

Blaze:...­to find my little sister.
Hibiki: Oh,...­does your parents...divorced?
Blaze: No, I don't have parents, only me and my sister, she's my only relative.
Hibiki: <frowned> Oh, I'm sorry.
Blaze: Hey, it's okay. You don't have to apologize, it's not your fault.
Hibiki: <smiled> OK! Hey, are you hungry? Wanna go to Lucky Spoon for some cupcakes?
Blaze: <smiled widely> Sure thing, let's roll. Hop on my bike, and you tell me the direction to Lucky Spoon.
Hibiki: Okay!

Blaze and Hibiki made their way to Lucky Spoon as Blaze ride his motorcycle while Hibiki told him the directions. As they met, it was surprised to see they made friends sooner. Now they arrived at Lucky Spoon, where Hibiki showed Blaze the great place to eat.

Blaze: Whoa! So this is Lucky Spoon.
Hibiki: <giggle> Surprised? Tell you what, my friends' parents work on this shop.
Blaze: <scratch his head> Well, go figure. I was impressed.
Hibiki: C'mon, let's go. I wanna introduce you my friend there.

Blaze and Hibiki entered the Lucky Spoon as they met a girl, around the same age as Hibiki. She has dark green eyes and long dirty blonde hair, part of which she ties up in a high ponytail at the top of her head with a hairtie with pink beads. She normally dresses in a two-toned pink dress, with long white sleeves and frills at the shoulder and bottom hem. She also wears thigh-high white stockings and dark pink shoes. She welcomed Blaze warmly as Hibiki introduced the girl to Blaze.

Hibiki: Blaze, meet my friend, Kanade. <turn to Kanade> Kanade, meet our new friend, Blaze.
Kanade: Hi! I'm Kanade, Kanade Minamino. <she stretched her right hand>
Blaze: And my name's Blaze, Blaze Akechi. <took her right hand for handshake>
Kanade: It's nice to meet you here in Kanon Town, Blaze.
Blaze: Same here, Kanade. Pleasure to meet ya.
Kanade: <stare at Blaze for a little while> Hmm...are you a ninja?
Blaze: <surprised but soon unfazed> Yeah, I'm a ninja and as people called me "The Dream Traveler".

Hibiki and Kanade was surprised by what Blaze has said but Kanade broke the silence first.

Kanade: I didn't know we met a ninja in Kanon Town by now.
Hibiki: <excited> So, are you good at anything sporty?

Blaze was even surprised by the girls' reaction, he started to scratch his head to brainstorm his answer and soon he answered Hibiki question.

Blaze: Well, yeah. Ninjas are, as you said, sporty. If we practice our skills like ninjutsu, sword training, wall climbing, etc, that's sporty. Although it's hard, but it's worth it.

Hibiki look so excited at what Blaze had just said as Kanade sweatdropped, but just as Hibiki amazed at Blaze being a ninja, her stomach growled, which make her blush in embarrassment.

Hibiki: Heheheh, looks like I'm gonna have something to eat first, though.
Kanade: <sigh> Not again.
Blaze: Whaddya mean "not again"?
Kanade: Hibiki always stole some of our recent made cupcakes and some of those cakes to eat without permission.
Blaze: <chuckle> So she has a sweet tooth, huh?
Kanade: Yes, she DOES have a sweet tooth, it's a big problem sometime.
Hibiki: <offended> Hey, what do you mean by that?!
Blaze: Chill, chill! Hibiki. She does have a point sometime. Anyway, I'm hungry too. Kanade, will you please bring in some cupcakes?
Kanade: Okay, I'll bring in some strawberry vanilla-icing cupcakes, just a moment.

They waited patiently as Kanade bring some cupcakes, as Blaze and Hibiki made a small talk.

Blaze: So, you and Kanade studied at Private Aria Academy?
Hibiki: Yup, but tell you this, I'm the only pro at sports in school, but studies are my weak point.
Blaze: Then what about Kanade, what she's good at?
Hibiki: Kanade's good at studies and cooking, but she's not very good at sports. Despite that, she's the idol at the academy.
Blaze: Whoa! That's pretty awesome.
Kanade: What are you two talking about?

Blaze and Hibiki turned as Kanade brought some strawberry vanilla-icing cupcakes, which made Hibiki drooled as she waited for this moment.

Blaze: Well, some small talk maybe.

Blaze and Hibiki took a cupcake as they started to eat.

Blaze and Hibiki: Thanks for the food!

As Blaze took a bite, he smiled widely.

Blaze: Taste awesome!!
Hibiki: Like I said, these cupcakes are worth to eat and make your heart sing!
Blaze: <smiled cheerfully> You're right, these cupcakes are pretty awesome! <turn to Kanade> Say, Kanade, these cupcakes you made are really great!
Kanade: <smiled> Thank you. I'm glad you enjoyed it.
Blaze: No prob.

Meanwhile, outside of Lucky Spoon, Siren in her cat form took a peek from the window, surprised to see Blaze at Lucky Spoon. She wondered, what is he doing here in Kanon Town? These questions were flooding in her mind.

Siren: What is HE doing here? Did Major Land sent him? No, not quite. He doesn't sent by Major Land, only his own will. But,..<took a peek at Blaze from the window> why are YOU here?

These questions were started to whack Siren's mind and to her answers, they're remained shrouded in mystery as she went off somewhere else. Back at Blaze, Hibiki and Kanade, they're having a relaxing chat, they soon became friends in a matter of minutes.

Blaze: <laugh softly> So Kanade has a soft spot for cats and the paws, huh? That's so...cute. Heheh.
Hibiki: Yeah, that's her weaknesses.
Kanade: <blushed> Hey Hibiki! You're making me embarrassed.
Hibiki: I'm just stating the fact.

Blaze stared at the girls in interest as they started to state "the facts", he smiled haplessly.

Blaze: <shrugged> Well, here we go again.

As they started to argued "the fact",  the crashing sound was heard, stopped the girls' argument. Blaze, Hibiki and Kanade rushed through the kitchen and saw Hummy eating the cupcake delightfully, which angered Kanade.

Hibiki: <trembling> Uh-oh.
Blaze: Whaddya mean, "uh-oh"?
Kanade: <burst into anger> Hummy!!

Hummy starts to run as Kanade chased Hummy down which caused Blaze and Hibiki laugh. As Hummy run away from Kanade, she saw Blaze, which she was excited and jump into his arm.

Hummy: Blaze!! I'm so glad I see you again-nya!!

As Kanade stopped chasing, she was surprised. She and Hibiki was confused at how does Hummy know about Blaze. These questions started to flow their mind. Meanwhile, Siren and Trio the Minor was shocked at what Siren was said.

Bassdrum: What's that?! That BOY is here?!
Siren: <nod> He is, but he wasn't being sent by Major Land, only his own accordance.
Bassdrum: Siren-sama! You should know that his power are more powerful than you could even imagine, he can even defeat Mephisto-sama. Besides, he's your...­
Siren: Enough! I know him too well. This is between him and me, it's our matters. Don't you interfere. If you do, you'll know he'll give every single one of you lots of pain and trouble and I'm not going to help you settle this. It was difficult and besides, he's likely sided with the PreCures.

Bassdrum was silent for a moment, not even a single comment he wished to give, but broke the silence anyway.

Bassdrum: I understand but how can you manage to settle him?
Siren: I have my reasons.  But don't try to interfere, you'll know what will happen. (Just why are you here anyway, did you come to stop us and find me back?)
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This story take place after episode 3. Yup, this is his story. Do you like the retelling story of Suite PreCure? It will be awesome if Blaze allied with the Suite PreCure. Now if you all wondered, how does Siren/Ellen know about Blaze and who is Blaze's sister? Well, I won't tell you yet. Of course I don't own anything, except my OC and my fanfic.

Suite Precure belongs to Toei Animation.
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