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Rendells Request: Ken Chi Ru profile
Name: Ken Chi Ru
Gender: Male
Age: 23
Species: Teal skinned Alien from a far off Galaxy
Hair: Really short, black
Eyes: Black with red pupils
Height: 6'5"
Weight/Body Structure: Lean and solid muscles, 225 pounds
Unusual Features: calloused fists, teal skin
Gait/Posture: Keeps his back straight, a dignified posture of one who respects the world
Voice/Speech Patterns: A thick, strong voice, speaks politely and typically with a smile.  Loves to try his hand at jokes, though they are typically bad
You are a: Traveling monk, world savior(he hopes)
Clothing of Choice: Wears a hide tunic and trousers, with sturdy boots and hand wrappings
Your Inventory: A wooden javalin for when something needs pegged, and a stone shield made of obsidian to block that which cannot be blocked by his fists.  Also brings his fists.
Personality: He is a spiritual man, serves his goddess without question.  Values all life and only kills when needed to, or if they are irrideemable.  And though
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Master OCT round 1: Blaze vs. Tyson
Round 1: Burning Gates – Blaze vs. Tyson (remix?)
Blaze checked over his gear as he awaited his opponent’s arrival, scanning for errors and the like as he made sure it was ready for action.  He had opted for his newest model of armor for the tourney, the V. 5. Despite not having been field tested, Blaze knew it was ready. The labs had run many tests on it, and it passed them all exceptionally well, giving Blaze more than enough reason to give it a go.
       “Nervous?” Kairi asked over his visor’s headset.  “Yeah,” Blaze responded as he began stretching a bit to help loosen himself up a bit, “but in a good way.”  He smiled a bit as he responded, “Glad you got my back Kairi.” She smiled as she gave the mic a light kiss, “You know I always will Blaze…. SHUT UP TYSON!”  Blaze nearly jumped as she shouted, and then remembered, his other friends were there too.
:iconblaze-typhoon:Blaze-Typhoon 0 0
Blaze's skills, gear and powers expanded
Here is a more detailed list of how his powers work first and foremost, using examples of his most used abilities.
Base Powers and modes: He works these into all of his combat styles
Resistance: Blaze is immune to his own fire as I said in his initial profile, but not other sources, he can be hurt by them, and his aura keeps him from being to badly burned.  He is immune to freezing though, and doesn't get cold too easily, that I would say is a nice tradeoff.
Fire Blast: Now as with most flame wielders, a fire blast is a normal thing of course.  This one typically is a high power, close range blast, firing about 10 feet back from the source.  If concentrated it can go further, but is covers a smaller area, but has a more focused point of damage.  Doing a more concentrated blast and giving it the punch to be effective at a further range requires more concentration and energy, so it is typically left to his gun to be the focal point for such actions as it has been modi
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Master OCT side Tourney: Zolf vs. Blaze Part 2
Side Arc 1-part 2: Mind over Madness
As Dark entered Zolf’s mind he took a good look around.  He saw images of the girl’s long past.  Friends, enemies, her creations, planets being destroyed, and what he could assume was her vision of the madness.  “Interesting…” Dark mused as he continued to venture towards the dark core of the girl’s mind, “seems she is older than we thought.”  He stared at the madness image, “But what really has my attention is you… madness, what are you?” He asked as he surveyed the area.  Her mind was very dark and secluded; it barely felt like the inside of a monster’s mind, but more of the mind of a scared and lonely child.
Meanwhile Blaze stood ready for another series of attacks, while the creature hadn’t moved an inch.  Blaze had begun to slowly move closer to see if it was changing back, but as he got near it reached out and grabbed Blaze and st
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Master OCT side Tourney: Blaze VS. Zolf part 1
Side Arc 1-part 1: Close Encounters
“Are you done yet?  I wanna get moving.” Blaze just sighed at his counterpart who was ‘standing’ a bit back, “You know,” Blaze said with a smirk, “I didn’t ask you to appear, you could have stayed inside.” Dark smirked at the remark, glad to see Blaze had plenty of fight left in him.  
Dark was a literal black imitation of Blaze, all his negative feelings, emotions, thoughts and ideas, all rolled into this apparition.  Well not quite an apparition, it had a physical form if it wished; for this instance, only Blaze could see and hear him.  “You know I hate staying cooped up inside your head,” excitement filling Dark’s eyes, “especially when you are out on adventures like this.”  
Blaze just shook his head in amazement, “Yeah,” he stood up, the maintenance on his gear done, he strapped it back on and slide his jacket back on o
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Master OCT Blaze's Audition
Prologue: A Blaze Burns Anew
“Blaze!” Hearing his name Blaze’s head jerked up from the computer he was typing away at.  He looked around for the source of the noise, his eyes falling upon his girlfriend Kairi.  A girl not less than a month younger than himself, and one of his most trusted allies from his previous adventures, he knew that if something had caught her attention, it was worth paying attention to.  He got up after saving his work and walked over to her monitor station aboard the Observer, a government monitoring station dedicated to keeping an eye out for anomalies like themselves.  “What’s up?” he asked as he approached her station, leaning over her shoulder to get a better view of her screen.  He did a double-take when he looked at the screen, “Ok…. Umm….?”  He wasn’t exactly sure what he was looking at, “I know,” she responded, obviousl
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Master-OCT entry the Hero Detective: Blaze Snyder
Name: Blaze Snyder
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Race: Human/caucasian
Weight: 200 pounds
Appearance: Short Brown/slightly unkept hair, facial stubble, green eyes, his build is a few pounds above average.
Clothing: Green cargo pants, Leather combat jacket over long sleeved orange shirt, custom made boots and gloves/arm guards, matching necklace from his girlfriend, and his other visible gear(Such as "utility belt" for lack of better word, sheathed sword, sometimes his visor)
Personality: Blaze is a loyal, kind-hearted, emotion and information driven person.  He is also relentless in his pursuit of his goals.  He will ally himself with others if he feels they can both reach their goals without too much hassle to each other.  He puts others first and values his friends above all else.  Any who threaten or stand between him and the safety of these friends should be warned that he will not slow down for tha
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Alexander Richardson(rwby forum oc) by Blaze-Typhoon Alexander Richardson(rwby forum oc) :iconblaze-typhoon:Blaze-Typhoon 1 0 A Million Years without The Prince of Sorrow by Blaze-Typhoon A Million Years without The Prince of Sorrow :iconblaze-typhoon:Blaze-Typhoon 1 0 Meet the artist-Contest Entry by Blaze-Typhoon Meet the artist-Contest Entry :iconblaze-typhoon:Blaze-Typhoon 2 2 Contest art style test 1, me by Blaze-Typhoon Contest art style test 1, me :iconblaze-typhoon:Blaze-Typhoon 1 0 HA-James' application by Blaze-Typhoon HA-James' application :iconblaze-typhoon:Blaze-Typhoon 5 2 Photoshop final by Blaze-Typhoon Photoshop final :iconblaze-typhoon:Blaze-Typhoon 1 2
Happy Thanksgiving Naruto
Happy Thanksgiving Naruto
"So, what did Lady Tsunade want to see us for anyway Master Kakashi?" Asked Sakura as they made their way towards the hokage mansion.  "Well, I'm sure she will tell us when we get there." Replied Kakashi, in his normal carefree manner.  "Give it up Sakura, he won't tell us," Said Naruto, "but I hope it's a really cool mission, probably A ranked, so they called their best ninjas." "Than why did they call you I wonder?" Replied Sakura jokingly.  "Well you two, since you want to know so badly, it is not a mission." Kakashi stated. "Huh?" The two younger ninja replied.  "Well than why call us to the mansion?" Said Naruto. "And on a holiday?" Added Sakura, now more curious than before.  "Well," Kakashi said, "it is a surprise."
Upon arriving at the Hokage's mansion, they were greeted by Shizune.  "Welcome team Kakashi." Shizune greeted them happily.  "Glad you could make it." A male voice exclaim
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Autumn sunset by Blaze-Typhoon Autumn sunset :iconblaze-typhoon:Blaze-Typhoon 2 10 Field in the sun by Blaze-Typhoon Field in the sun :iconblaze-typhoon:Blaze-Typhoon 0 0


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lol, yeah right, job has me busy, not as busy soon though
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Them's fighting herds, read about it, check it out.  And my little pony fans.... it was originally known as ighting is magic…


Jeremy Francis
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