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Young Yoda

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Published: January 21, 2016
So RedSkittlez-DA and I had a thought: What was Yoda like in his youth?

My preferred answer is we should never know and won't ever know.  Kinda ruins the mysticalness surrounding his character


That doesn't stop us from being looney and thinking that his species are born huge and shrink as they age =p

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Looks so awesome!

Yoda: Hmmm good looking I was. Get all the bitches I did.
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Sorry, but I'm calling bs on this. I like the design, that's cool character, but it couldn't be Yoda.

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BlazbarosProfessional Digital Artist
Its almost like its supposed to be a joke or something.
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I didn't mean any offense. Like I said, I love it, but I will always defend lore where I can.

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BlazbarosProfessional Digital Artist
I also made that pretty clear in the artist comments :shrug:
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HMMMmmmmmmmMMMMM. Destroy PUSSY  I must. Yes.
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ZeartistHobbyist Writer
The young buck I once was. Much of the poon I did get. 
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No! No! That's not True! That's IMPOSSIBRU! IMPOSSIBRU!!!  NOOO! NOOOOO!
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AveragePhotographerHobbyist Photographer
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Damn-YukiHobbyist Traditional Artist
This just proves even further Yoda’s...dedication. With all the fine ladies throwing themselves at him back in the day, not giving in to temptation must have been a constant and agonizing struggle.
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BlazbarosProfessional Digital Artist
He’s a role model for us all.
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The force is SWOLE with you!
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OmegawingabingaHobbyist Digital Artist
homsic yaddle
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FlareEmerald77Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Yoda:   Piece of me, do you want?
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NectpHobbyist Digital Artist
Qui-Gon: Master Yoda, have you always been this small?
Yoda: No, bigger I was....and conventionally handsome and ladykiller I was too...
Dooku: He's not kidding....
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lilravo13Student Artist
*thambs up*
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RMascaradeHobbyist Traditional Artist
Hahahaha! Like in anime, old people always shrink in size x)
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Bladeninja76Hobbyist General Artist
Heh this is nicely awesome.
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Or so he remembers...
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VMJML1er General Artist
lol   Hulk Young yoda , or yoda dad
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foldabotZHobbyist Photographer
Luke: *sees picture* Master Yoda, who's this?
Yoda: Oh! Me, that was, years ago.The Empire Strikes Back - Yoda Icon 
Luke: YOU!?Star Wars - Luke Skywalker No! 
Yoda: Buff, back in the day, I was. Hehehe-hmhmhm!Go Yoda 
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