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The Eternal Legion



Most of you have been asking and begging for the background history of the Eternal Legion Chapter. Well you got not only that, but a faux codex cover XD Personally I feel I could've done a lot better job if I had stuck with maybe one or two marines triumphing over a necron, I'm not too thrilled with group shots like this ^^; but I feel I did do a pretty good job.


. : Eternal Legion : .

Founding Chapter: Unknown, speculation leads to either the Imperial Fists or the Iron Hands
Founding: Supposedly the Dark Founding
Chapter Master: Ariel Baruch
Homeworld: Bethsaida
Fortress Monastery: None, but passages occasionally refer to a "Bastion of Eternity"
Main Colours: Necron Abyss (dark blue), Chaos black shoulder pads, silver aquilla
Specialty: Fighting Necrons/Urban combat
Battle Cry: "Forever in His service! "

Information regarding the Eternal Legion's founding has been a closely guarded secret by the High Lords of Terra, or their records have been sealed, forever lost to the Imperium. Through a great deal of speculation on the Inquisition's part, it is believed that the Eternal Legion were actually created during the ill fated Dark Founding; a tumultuous time where chapter gene-seeds were tainted and horribly ravaged the newly found Chapters. Whether or not the Eternal Legion suffered any crippling mutations has yet to be seen, but the Chapter's practice of replacing limbs with bionics could allude to the removal of mutated limbs in an effort to hide these deformities.
The elusive nature of the chapter has also made it difficult to ascertain the full strength of this fighting force. It is believed they are a fleet-based Chapter, constantly roaming around a sub-sector of the Segmentum Ultima known as Apollo's Abyss, reminding the inhabitants of the Emperor's presence and ensuring their loyalty within the Imperium. However, without any known homeworld, the Chapter has claimed the gas giant Bethsaida as their staging ground within their conflict. Based on the number of vessels, the Chapter is under the standard thousand Astartes strong force, and must be actively recruiting the sub-sector to recoup their losses.
There is also a great deal of speculation behind their gene-seed besides the obvious question of mutation. So far there have been no specific hallmarks that inconclusively identify their source of gene-seed. The best results have yielded two possible founders, the Iron Hands and the Imperial Fists; both original Imperial Legions around since the beginning. The practice of repairing broken or missing limbs with cybernetic replacements is clearly one reminiscent of the Iron Hands, as is the Eternal Legion's natural affinity with technology - their desire to obtain xenos technology to better the Imperium has brought them under Inquisitorial scrutiny, of which they have not fully been able to prove. In combat, the Eternal Legion express a tactical genius unseen since the time of Rogal Dorn, Primarch of the Imperial Fists - as urban combat specialists, the Eternal Legion are more than capable of analyzing an enemies stronghold, discover its weaknesses and strike with pinpoint accuracy, utterly destroying the enemy with little in the way of causalities on their side.
Little information in regards to the campaigns of this Chapter can be found prior to 988.M41. Upon their arrival onto Forge World Hephaestus, the Eternal Legion's actions have been well documented.

Notable Engagements:
-- 988.M41 -- Waagh Wrekkfist strikes the Forge World of Hephaestus. The timing could not have been more fortuitous; through unrecorded campaigning, the Eternal Legion was in desperate need of repair and replenishment - both in man power and weaponry.
-- 991.M41 -- Through tactical genius and sheer perseverance, the Ork force is utterly wiped from the annuls of Imperial history. It would be around this time that the Adepts of Mars would initiate an alliance with their saviors.
-- 994.M41 -- A Small Company of marines, led by Forgemarine Tannhauser, accompany several Adepts of Mars to the dead moon Bethsaida - once a jewel of the sector, the long dead moon was a prosperous hive world that orbited a gas giant of the same name. Abandoned for reasons unknown, it has now become a location of interest for the Adeptus Mechanicus.
-- 777994.M41 -- The Adeptus Mechanicus expedition returns to Hephaestus without their escorts, delivering to the Eternal Legion the fate of Tannhauser and his marines along with the warning of an impending Necron attack. Lord Baruch begins strategizing the defense of Hephaestus and a diversionary attack on the moon to buy time.
-- 850994.M41 -- Strike at Bethsaida.
-- 999994.M41 --Lord Baruch and his strike force return to Hephaestus with the Necrons hot on their heels. The Battle of Haephestus combined the might of the Eternal Legion, the planetary defense force and the Adeptus Mechanicus to halt the Necrons.

The Chapter exhibits similarities to both the Imperial Fists and the Iron Hands in physical and behavioral traits.

Renowned for their prowess in Urban warfare, the Eternal Legion has also established themselves as the premiere combatants of the horrific Necrons. It comes as no surprise to any within the Astartes, that the Eternal Legion have taken up the ritual of removing broken limbs with something more mechanical; after all, turnabout is fair play when the very being the Eternal Legion is to seek to destroy a foe who is capable of disappearing from the battlefield and return if not completely destroyed. So, too, have the Eternal Legion.
When engaged within urban environments, the Eternal Legion make great use of tactical shields, as well as the various bionics they've attached to themselves. With such an array of cybernetic implants, its no wonder they have taken a stance to reducing "acceptable losses" at every turn.
While they have a larger fleet then most fleet-based chapters, they seem to lack the appropriate number of armored vehicles commonly found amongst the Astartes. It is uncertain whether or not they have the appropriate numbers, or if they have been unable replace any losses through their campaign. Whatever the truth may be, the end result greatly affects their tactics as the reluctance to send whatever precious few vehicles remain into combat.

The main source of recruits and aspirants come from the Apollo's Abyss sub-sector, but most specifically on the Cracked Moon; a planetoid that orbits furthest away from the Bethsaida gas giant. Here is a harsh and cruel mining city built into the boiling innards of a devastated world.
Recruits are chosen from a select few victors from a tournament known only as "The Gauntlet". The very nature of the Cracked Moon's society is Darwinian in nature; every man for himself, creating truly self-reliant individuals. To break this dynamic, the challengers are placed within five man teams that have one simple goal: reach the starport located at the moon's surface. Though a simple goal, the paths to salvation offered by the Eternal Legion are wracked with danger; to navigate away from the Cracked Moon's core the teams must traverse weakened mining tunnels, abandoned settlements and pitch black caverns, all filled with dangerous wildlife and feral mutants.
Like the goal, the lesson is very simple: rely on those around you. Each man is strong, but together, the team can overcome any peril presented before them. It is a challenge not physically, but emotionally and psychologically - their mining life had made them strong, it would be this challenge that would test their ability to trust and rely on others. To reach the starport alone resulted in the challenger being sent back into the tunnels to retrieve their squad mates or meet the fate they had assigned them. The teams that do emerge from under the surface are taken aboard one of the Eternal Legion's battle barges and begin training as a close-knit squad of battle-brothers.
Currently, Leto Gallahad and his squad have the fastest time recorded for completing Gauntlet.

Eternal Legion training regimes aren't as rigid to the Codex Astartes as one would believe. The Legion believes its battle-brothers should adapt and evolve on the field and have established a different "path" for each art of war as a result. Once a bonded group of marines have spent some time being tactical squad, they may continue to do so and learn the finer points of using tactical shields in urban combat. The other three paths are:

Hawk (Assault) - Close combat with jump packs
Panther (Fast Attack)- Assault bikes and landspeeders
Dragon (Devastator)- Heavy weapons along with heavy support vehicles

Battle-brothers are free to choose their own path provided their isn't a lack of manpower within another. However, it is encouraged to have the squad continue as one, ensuring an established, unshakable bond.
As a result, its not uncommon to see whole squads begin training as Hawks or Panthers and to see paths like that of Dragon or Forgemarine to be followed by fewer numbers - the addition of a Devastator or Forgemarine is a welcome adaption to the tactical squad.

Relationship with the Inquisition:
The Eternal Legion has rather odd dealings when it comes to their relationship with the Inquisition. Since they are little to no records of the Chapter's history, and because their affinity for technology, both Dark Age and Xenos, borders on the heretical, many Inquisitors are ever watchful of the Chapter.
Cunning strategists, the Eternal Legion know not to invite the Inquisition's wrath and dutifully second their Marines to the Ordo Xenos' Deathwatch. For even the most hardline Inquisitor cannot deny the Legion's ability to combat Necrons and tend to overlook any minor infractions.
Radicals, such as Lanstrom, share their nigh-heretical views and openly invite the Legion on most of his findings, a tact that no doubt gains him favor.

Noted Elements of the Eternal Legion:

Relics and Artifacts:

Battle Barge Damascus
Battle Barge Excelsior
Battle Barge Perpetual

Notable Members:
Lord Consul Ariel Baruch, current chapter master.
Legate Angvard Vespasian, 1st Cohort
Legate Sergio Augustine, 2nd Cohort
Legate Leto Gallahad, temporary commander of the 10th Scout Cohort
High Templar Rigil Falco, Reclusiarch
Loremaster Lucius Azaer, Chief Librarian
Xerxes, Contemptor Librarian Dreadnought
Chief Apothecary Fabio Cambrian
Forgemarine Tiberius Nemo
Forgemarine Tannhauser
Forgemarine Blazarus, Deathwatch under the command of Inquisitor Lanstrom
Forgemarine Xander, Deathwatch

Noted Rumors:
- Old passages occasionally referring to a "bastion shrouded by storms" have led to thoughts of a hidden Fortress Monastery somewhere in the Apollo's Abyss sub-sector.
- The Eternal Legion has been seen all over the galaxy where Necrons are a concern. Some believe they hide their numbers and continue to grow beyond their limits. The Legion however claims to stay rigidly close to the standards in the Codex Astartes.
- The Legion tends to replace their limbs with bionics and it is rare to see a battle brother without any. Some believe that their geneseed contains another flaw which forces them to take such action against it. Still others claim that is the Legion's ideology of perhaps replacing missing limbs is the direct result of fighting an enemy capable of resurrection.


Jumbo large thanks to ~Ultimate-Bebi for encouraging me to get these ideas down and adding a couple of his own, couldn't have done it without you.

Feedback is appreciated for both the picture and the backstory. If you see and spelling mistakes, PLEASE don't just tell me they're there, list them for me so I can fix them, thanks.

Oh and this also means everything that I wrote previously for their background is out the window, I need to go back and fix that ^^;

Eternal Legion, named characters © me
Inquisitor Lanstrom, Forgemarine Blazarus © Zion [link]
Forgemarine Xander © :iconultimate-bebi:

Tools: Photoshop CS3

Music: Hearts of Fire - Hammerfall, Dark Alliance - David Arkenstone

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