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Techprophet Shanako



Whispers of his heresy run wild within the Adeptus Mechanicus. He actively seeks Necrons, entering their tombs and provoking the ancient machines from their slumber, relaying the will of the C'tan for the lords to carry out.

This once-human has shred every last piece of flesh from his body, save his mind, and kept few of his bionics and weapons so that all may know that he serves the Star Gods by choice.


My entry for the :iconeye-of-terror: Custom Character Contest, the techpreist-turned necron worshipper Shanako. Yeah, I know he looks a lil OP with his guass flayer, wrist mounted storm bolter, servo arm and warscythe. . . XD I'm pretty sure he'd be an illegal model in the table top.

Shanako (c) Me

Photoshop CS3

Devour - Shinedown

EDIT: Changed his name from Geth to Shanako, just so I won't be accused of stealin' from Mass Effect. Thank goodness for evil-sounding name generators!
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