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Samuel Lamech



Samuel Lamech aka "The Business"

Chapter Master Lamech is the leader of the Marines Mordant, the scant remains of the First Company. In the Imperium, he is seen as a renegade and a traitor, when in fact he has never broken a single vow he has made to his beloved Emperor. On the run from the Inquisition, he and his veterans are hunted in every system they encounter, providing a few good deeds toward their fellow man before escaping.

Word is that the Marines Mordant were a genetically corrupt successor to the Blood Angels, a chapter already known for its unstable gene-seed. They are ferocious, dour warriors who speak of death constantly, whether their own or another's. Some even say they can envision their own death, when and where it will take place and by who's hand. Such a thing puts their allies at a wary distance.

As to why they have become a hunted chapter, none can tell, save for the Inquisition and their quarry. A strong rumor that persists is that they are the cause of a hive world being overrun with daemons, leading to the fall of an entire subsector. This is far from the truth.

The Grey Knights, the stalwart defenders of the Imperium were that cause. With the aid of Marines Mordant, they were able to reclaim a hive world that was once lost to Imperium and were about to purify the last unholy site of the cultists. The Grey Knights urged the fight forward, despite the cultists refusing to strike back. The Grey Knights and their allies sacrificed the last few souls needed to unleash a Greater Daemon and his spawn. Everything seemed to go wrong as they attempted to contain the daemonic summoning, but were unable to stop the children of chaos spewing out onto the hive world. The forces of both chapters were lost in minutes.

Unable to bear the thought of the Grey Knights leading the collapse of a mission, the Inquisition quickly drew up the Marines Mordant as a scapegoat. They were to take the fall for the Grey Knights, or face the threat of being branded as traitors. They refused openly and were hunted down in turn. The entire chapter was destroyed as it retreated from their homeworld.

The only ship to escape was a Strike Cruiser, the Fervor, carrying the former Captain Lamech and his First Company. The Eternal Legion, a chapter whom they have fought beside in many a battle, were the only ones to heed their call. It is under their brothers’ protection that they continue to fight the enemies of the Imperium. Together they shall see justice upon those who would deny them their sworn duty.


It took some time, but I feel it came out pretty damn awesome.

Samuel Lamech, Marines Mordant, Eternal Legion © me

Tools: CS3

Music: Diamond Eyes - Shinedown


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