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Ripster and Dr. Piranoid Redesigns

JUST SO YOU GUYS KNOW, there's 7 DAYS left as of the posting of this image for the STREET SHARKS: REBOOTED Contest! We've gotten some amazing entries so far and would love to see more! Check this out for details! Its over D:

STREET SHARKS: REBOOTED Contest! - Showing EntriesDuring my stream today, I mentioned that I had a big announcement to make. In case you missed that, I'll tell you here:
I am now working for COMANGALLC, who currently own the Street Sharks trademark and are looking to reboot the franchise with a brand new comic and a short film that could take who knows where!
To promote their upcoming IndieGoGo campaign and to get you guys pumped for some jawsome images, they've asked me to host a Street Sharks contest where you guys can win some sweet cash prizes.
Firstly, lets go through the RULES:
DEADLINE: Februrary 28/2017 at 12:00 PM PSTYou may create multiple entries, but only one of them will win you a prize.The illustration must be Street Sharks related, naturallyThe illustration must be done by YOU and not SOMEONE ELSE. That's cheating.The entry may be digital or traditional, but it must be an illustration!The entry MUST be SFW: no graphic nudity, sex, or gory violence! (but a little violence never hurt anyone. . .

Now for the image at hand. . .

I originally wanted to draw the whole cast redone in a way that suited me, but work got out of hand and now time is running out on me.  Eventually I'll get around to the rest of them, but for now, we got the main shark Ripster and our main bad dude Dr. Parad- wait sorry, PIRANOID.  While I am on the project to reboot Street Sharks, these designs are in no way reflections of their eventual redesigns, this is just how I'd like to see them in future media, ESPECIALLY the villain.  I'd love to see the cast in a fighter-styled game to really play with their designs and emphasize their cartoony-ness.  If I had to guess on how I'd design the other members, it'd be very similar: MASSIVE UPPER BODY.  Dunno why, that's just the trend I had in mind =p</strike></strike>
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You gave the sharks NECKS. As much as I enjoyed the old cartoon, the designs of the boys and others were just pretty awkward, looking more like a head with arms arms attached to them instead of looking like they have proper upper torsos due to how large they made their heads. Andthe original designs just didn't allow for poses like you did with Ripster here.

Not sure I care about the coloring for Pirahnoid, he looks too generic fishman for my taste.
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Wow, Ripster looks so damn cool here! Really love this design!
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nice look! brings back childhood memories :-)
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There's A,
New breed in the neighborhood,
Some say; "they're just no good."
Half Shark,
Half Man,
Fighting Evil - that's the Plan!
StreeeEEEt Sharks!
They're Jawesome!
They Bite!
They Fight!
They stand for everything right,
They Bite!
They Fight!
Chewin' at evil with all of their might!

:iconguitarlaplz: *guitar solo*
StreeeEEEt Sharks!
StreeeEEEt Sharks!
They Bite!
They Fight!
They stand for everything right - STREET SHARKS!!
STREET Sharks oh I loved the second season intro even the first season has grown on me hahaha
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I love it!! I love it!!!!

I grew up in the 90s and I've found that a lot of us 90s kids reject our generations cartoons - our older brothers and sisters had such vivid and attractive shows (GI Joe, Transformers, Voltron, TMNT etc) that could be handed down to us, we really didn't appreciate our Mighty Max, or Exosquad, or Beast Wars, or Street Sharks.  But seeing this made me remember how much I loved those four X-TREEM sharks and the evil mutates-when-angry scientist who hated them. <X D

AWESOME work, man! : 3
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Thanks dood!

I actually missed out on a lot of 90s shows, specifically Exosquad, which I don't think I would have understood very well as a kid, but I appreciate it a lot more as an adult.  I'm pretty sad it got cancelled and never got that last season, it was gonna be BADASS.
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Oh man, I totally didn't grasp the 'meaning' behind Exosquad as a kid (I actually felt like it wasn't 'for me' alot of the time, like it was for grown ups or something haha) but when I watched it again as an adult, I was like... how did this even get on TV?! There's  talk of the cost of racism, what it means to be human on a deeply intellectual level, victories so costly they might as well be losses... it was amazing. The animation, eh, could be better, sure, but the story carries it so well. Maybe I'm being too generous, but boy, it's something else.

...And next, we'll discuss Bucky O'Hare... <X D 
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D: another show I didn't know was a thing
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This is only purely coincidental, but I get a DA add asking
me about how many bones a shark has.

But more importantly, I'll agree that Ripster looks more impressive
here than the original. :)
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o3o what a weird ad

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Nice one ^^
Just hope I have some (little) time to participate on the Street sharks contest.

Can't wait to see the rest of the sharks casting redesign !
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Absolutely LOVE dr P. He sorta reminds me of Monstar from Silverhawks. 
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Huh, yeah. . . I must've been channeling some of that when I was thinking of him XD
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Oh, just the face tho. That mouth and giant teeth. 
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Don't let Woolie see this!
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Cool and funny
Wow this looks more than awesome it's JAWSOME!!!
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