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"With each battle, more and more of my brother is worn away. . . I fear there will be nothing left of him but cold, logic circuits."
- Minerva

The following is subject to change:

Regulus, the oldest son of Primarch Roboute Gulliman, was the greatest warrior with in the Ultramarine Legion.  He was unwavering in combat, resolute against hordes of enemies, second only to his father.  He fought in the diplomatic ring, where his voice carried authority that spared millions from needless death. He was a paragon that any marine aspired to, at least, until the War of Macragge*.

During the horrific battle, the children of Gulliman lost a brother, the youngest.  When Regulus cradled his broken body in its final moments, something snapped within him.  Any decency and morality he had left was burned away with his brother. Each time Regulus enacted his vengeance, the toll was a part of himself.  His body was slowly being replaced with cybernetics, until he was a colossal cyborg that had no other purpose but to destroy and murder.  Any shred of his original self was lost to code and pumping oil. Any respect and admiration was replaced with fear.

The old Regulus was gone.


Pretty proud of this one, I love how he's just looking his power claw and like "what have I become".  Btw, that -is- a heavy bolter lashed to his arm, now that he's in a huge cyborg he ended up being really fuggin tall. Like Emperor tall.
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you know looking back on this now after 8th edition with gorillaman getting up after his long ass nap the only thing i can think of for this is "like fucking father, like fucking son" and im really happy it turned out that way
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Seems like Marenus Calagar.
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I really admire everything about this. You did a fantastic job, and I envy your excellence at drawing armor.
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is this a real char in Warhammer lore or a fanmade one?
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you did an amazing job I made my own whos a space wolf I have a pic that I commissioned an artist that's in the works now
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wanna see what the pic looks like
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...Is that a chaos star on his chest?
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nah, just a starburst
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It looks like a chaos star to me
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That's just the heresy in you speaking.
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actually for me his face said "Is this all?" anyway is awsome
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Chaplain Geromech Thunderfury: "I fear the more this man becomes less human and more machine,
                                                      the more easy it will be for him to fall prey to the dark forces of chaos..."
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