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Reclusiarch Rigil Falco



This is a redrawing of an old old old character I made since the Eternal Legion's first conception.  He's Reclusiarch Rigil Falco, the spiritual leader of the chapter, he who sings praises to the Emperor in the very midst of battle.  His battlefield adventures take him across the galaxy to far flung worlds, forsaken space hulks and once to Terra itself.  He is a man of righteousness and integrity, a well respected figure among his battle brothers, for there is nothing he would not do to ensure the continuity of their beleaguered chapter.

Yargh, all my laborious efforts over a few weeks have led up to this D: I worked on it off and on and I've come to the conclusion that drawing space marines in high-res is PAAAAAAAAINFUL.  But doesn't it look swag?  :D

Music: Raining Doom - Slayer

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Reclusiarch Rigil Falco by VangarShriek by Blazbaros
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