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PAYLOAD: Build-A-Mech Special Commission



In order to fund our operation, I'm setting up this special commission for those of you who love mechs and want to put colours on them!

For 15USD you can do the following:

- Choose one of the above templates!
- Tell me what colours you want it in!
- Give the skin a bitchin' 80s name.

For an additional 15USD, you can also apply weapons to the mech, such as guns, shields, missile launchers, etc.  As I don't have templates for said weapons, they have to be tailored for each template.

Send me a note if you're interested in this offer!

Build-A-Mech Waves:

Build-A-Mech Wave 1 by Blazbaros Build-A-Mech Wave 2 by Blazbaros Build-A-Mech Wave 3 by Blazbaros

If you're curious as to the lore of these mechs, check out the Payload folder here:…

And we're still looking for playtesters for Payload!  Click on the image below for an introduction into the world!

Payload: The Galaxy - UPDATED by Blazbaros

If you're interested in giant robot fighting action, please fill out this questionnaire… and email it to!  After reviewing it, we will message you further on the next step to becoming a playtester!
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The gorgon kinda makes me think of a buff sentry bot from fallout