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Beautiful, noble proportions, superb technique.
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More centaurs should be draft-based!  She doesn't even need a sword with legs that powerful.
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I've said it before and I'll say it again. The "thiccness" present in those amazingly detailed muscled legs is amazing. I need to pay attention to your artwork more xD way more! While I'm not a fan of leather armor personally (Plate armored Cavalier Centaurs are DA SHIIIIIZZNITS!) This is quite appealing to the eye, especially the nice blend of red, shading and highlights via lighting! Good awesome job! <3. 
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Thank you very much :D
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She seems like a good friend.
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oh god, blue hair and a centaur? my gay lil heart :heart:
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Horse girl Knight? It works!
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Celtic/Viking centaur ftw!
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Thaaaaaaaank you so much Blaz! It's good to see her come to life finally, and you did a fantastic job in making her both pretty, sturdy, and a little bit mysterious thanks to the tattoo. I know my original plan was weird, but thank you for taking the time to try to figure her all out!
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You're welcome :D
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I used this image in my newest Better Backstories poster today!  One customer claimed he'd seen it online a few weeks ago and I had to point out to him that it was literally drawn yesterday.  I did point out that you had done other centaur women and that was probably what he'd seen.

Thanks again for your time and efforts in supporting my Kickstarter, :iconblazbaros:!
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No problem, I'm happy to hear my style is recognizable! :D
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Food for thought: What if that customer was actually a time traveler from the future Discord Emoji - Thinking 
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When the 2D centaur is supremely cute
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What about the 3D centaur?
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We cannot admire what does not exist
Besides, 2D > {D
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This reminds me of the centers from shining force.
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