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Does the lower part of the suit allow her mobility, or is it just for lounging?

Blazbaros's avatar

Probably, its a space suit.

cullyferg2010's avatar

Sneks in space? Reminds me of a comic series called 'Alien Legion' that was printed almost twenty years ago. Kinda like the French Foreign Legion but in a space setting.

MensjeDeZeemeermin's avatar

Simply marvelous pose, gear and setting.

scarley1245's avatar
I like how she's posed like jabba the hutt, but looks like she could strangle the life out of you in a moments notice.
Blazbaros's avatar

All Jabba would need to do is roll over

Seakobra's avatar

uwu who is dis

LordMillenIrisGreen's avatar

Is this a mammal a reptile, a beast, or a mutant?

tehwatcher's avatar

she is a beauty

Endermob11's avatar

O///O, She's perfect! I adore Lamias!

KindlyCruel's avatar

Oh wow, gorgeous! Both the space-snake-lady herself and the background.

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No fap on snek!

watcheye456's avatar

What is she? biomodded? well some would certanly dig it.

saximaphone's avatar

Very attractive! I am more a fan of these smaller figures myself and especially a thing for masks :P

crashwiggle's avatar

Gumbo wants snuggles

Marscaleb's avatar

That looks like a suit over her tail, not her tail itself.

Blazbaros's avatar

That's because it is!

Marscaleb's avatar

That explains it! Good work at conveying that so well!

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