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Jezel and Ascalon

Commission for Arteaus

Rare is the weapon that is consecrated for a sacred ordnance, rarer still is a blade of such purity and power as that of Ascalon -- the Sword of of the Garden, the Flaming Sword and Slayer of Dragons. The weapon gained its name from the backdrop of one of St. George's most dire battles against the outer dark and it gains its signature power from that of Uriel, Archangel of the Cherubim -- the Fire of God.  It has since been blessed by three other patron beings: Michael, Raphael and Gabriel.

The sword has nary left the saint's side in nearly the two millennia of his preternatural life, but in one of the horrors to come. In a battle against a foe that St. George's dwindling power was unable to curb, Vlad Dracul's emaciated bloodline could not forestall and the Once and Future King nearly became the Once and Future Once King -- the sword sensed that there were those around that sought to use it for wicked gain and so, as such a blessed item is wont to do, passed to the hands of one who was worthy, to wield for a time.  But that is a story. . . for a later time . . .

Hellbound by Blazbaros Abby Avenue by Blazbaros

EDIT: I wasn't satisfied with the shading on her legs and the angel's wings, so here we are.

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Almost thought that angel was Tyrael for a second.
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Love it! Kind of reminds me of Diablo!

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The Angel's called "Virtue's" in my story have a similar appearance to hooded figure! ^^
Well, regardless, cool pic!
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Pretty rock'n there.
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Now that is bad arse
godofwarlover's avatar
Tyrael, is that you?
I freaking love Hellspawn using holy powers and doing paladiny stuff!  MOVE JEZEL!  FOR GREAT JUSTICE!
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God, that Diablo-style of angel where it's just armour and robes is the best.
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 Now that's an impressively ominous Angel in the background - it definitely looks like the sort of entity that would need to start conversations with "Be not afraid" (in the proper Old Testament style).
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"why do I always have to preface everything I say with 'be not afraid'"
Jezel: "have you looked at yourself Uriel?!"
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Look out, sword girl! Darklurker is right behind you!
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Fuck every venture you've made so far. DO THIS! It sounds blasphemous but readable and surely would be a better novel than His Dark Materials which I suffered through. If I could link memes I would stoop so low as to post the Palpatine "Do et" one.
Palpatine: DO IT Palpatine Unlimited Power Icon Palpatine: DO IT 
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Yeh, we're already doing that XD
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we...we have been doing it D: It's in the MOOKs file in Blaz's gallery.
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how did he end up in the Hands of Jezel then? (she is a demon after all) the sword should have killed her.
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That's the mystery, isn't it?
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