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Inquisitor Samus Aran

Back by popular demand, this time clad in SoB armour!

Inquisitor Samus Aran by Blazbaros
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If the personality of this version of Samus is anything like her game/manga counterpart, I imagine her higher ups in the Inquisition consider her a loose cannon.

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"Samus is coming.
Samus is death.
I am Samus."
I'm reading the first Horus Heresy novel (Heresy Rising) right now, and when a character named "Samus" (who is also, ironically in this case, a daemon) was introduced I immediatly wanted to see if someone drew Samus in a power armour. Then again, Samus in power armour is a no-brainer.
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Now this is much improved from the last one! You made real use of her color scheme of evoke a certain archaic aspect of Imperial aesthetics, like something out of the pre-heresy days. I especially like the fur collar and baltea hanging from her pauldrons.
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I like this design.
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Looks good with a cape :3
If inquisitor samus came round a plant they might treat her like a PRE-herasy night Lord space marine legion  
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this is alls kinds of cool i only have a problem with the boob plates, they direct shots towards the center of her chest instead of away.
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That section is called Plot Armour :p
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really cool Samus, you played the Borderlands series?
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awesome, I have the Handsome collection for my Xbox 1.
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I want a picture of her holding the line! =D
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well she certainly has the "planet visits" history for the job XD
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this looks rather good. Samus as an Inquisitor would be pretty damn scary.
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waiting to see what kind of "zero suit" comments will be made...
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Awesome work man nice to see more of this and can't wait to see the next x-over pick with WH40K. Still hope there will be some sort of HALO/WH40K latter on.
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Halo isn't. . .that cool enough to be crossed over. And I've seen other people do it before :p
HOW DARE YOU SIR!!!! Also I'm betting you can make great art with the two together.
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Meh, its not my bag.
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