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Final Destination

Well this suddenly turned one-sided :U

Wallpaper sized, formatted to fit 1440x900 screens :D
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Would love to see Lucas being surrounded by a giantess Samus and giantess Wii Fit Trainer!

Karma, Bowser. Bowser, Karma.

are they standing on the sun? I mean if Samus was waring the gravity suit she might be okay but she isn't so they dead!

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Its an other platform


So long-a Bowser!

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If smash Meter is on then bowser is ok. C falcon isn’ tho.

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:iconheavyplz:: Big trouble now. :D
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I like how this giantess picture has a second implication that Bowser is literally about to be shot
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SSB4 - Captain Falcon Clap FALCON...
SSB4 - Captain Falcon Clap NOPE! I'm leaving.
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Yup. This going to get ugly. :(
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Lol this is best call it karma for years of kidnapping Bowser your about to know what that feels

Oh man Captain Falcon tbh cant blame him he is like F this! XD
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THAT'S NOT THE REAL CAPTAIN FALCON IF IT WAS HE WOULD USE THE KNEEEEEEEE!!! (And knowing my luck would fail to get the crit and lose anyway)
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"Falcon NOPE!" :rofl:
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now bowser id the damsel in distress, but who'd want to save him? nice work 
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The Koopa Troop?
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Nah, they'd be at the beach relaxing
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Well, the Koopa Troop has shown to be loyal to Bowser out of genuine respect in several Mario spin-offs (especially the RPGs).
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even i would run for it
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Hmmmm, Crazy hand holding a gun and revealing that its Samus's  hand. Nintendo needs to do this
Peach: hey there, Bowser.
Bowser: what the?
Zero-suit Samus: okay let's get this over with.
Captain Falcon: Falcon nope! *sees he has 4 more lives* Falcon nope! Falcon nope! Falcon nope! Falcon nope!
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