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Eel Mermaid [post-transformation]

By Blazbaros
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Commission for Blake741
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ive never been more aroused

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This is what I imagine the Unagi Hime looking like
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I didn't initially want to favorite due to the nature of my page and this picture. But damn it was just too good not to. You are incredibly talented!
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I'm glad you did anyway!
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it like she was ok with being turned in to a mermaid, but she was disappointed with the result  
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Quite a shock for her.
She does look pretty magnificent, though.
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We need mermaids...
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This is a new concept i can be sure i will like if i start seeing more of this... Nice work!
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Nice expression, and overall I find this oddly cute. Nice work!
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Ooo, Eel mermaid. Cool. :D
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    For the look of her face, something went wrong.  But still she is a beauty.
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She looks really pretty, and so very surprised. X3
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a very uncommon type of mermaid, and very nice.
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Somehow I like this better than the traditional mermaid.
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Quite pretty :lovelyeyes: 
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I must repeat myself :)
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She looks... surprised, but not in an entirely unpleasant way.
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I'd be surprised too if I suddenly got eel-y :U
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But would you be surprised like terrified, or more pleasantly surprised?  This girl looks halfway between the two.  Kinda like  "Huh... that's new."
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As long as I can still draw, I wouldn't care what form my legs had XD
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You'd have to get some water-proof paper.
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