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By Blazbaros
A little Slaanesh never hurt anyone.

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"I'm Coming For You..." I like where this art is going! Hold on a second, babe. Give the rest of us Slaaneshis a chance to catch up.

human72's avatar
heh *get's back up for the grey knight that has to face this slaanesh demonate.* now u die heretic scum!!!!!
steam-dieselpunkpunk's avatar
I fink its time to put da engin rough its passes Boyz sooo LEG IT!
werelightshine's avatar
Put da Dakka on Dat Git ladz! ERE' WE GOOOOOO!!!!!!! WAAAAAAAAAAAAGHHH!!!!
*Various levels of high caliber Machine guns blaring*
As Primarch of the third legion, I approve!
SlaaneshyReaper's avatar
Slaanesh, always a favourite.
FALLOUTDOG3's avatar
*hands him gun*
do it know
Extremelictor's avatar
CHAOS COMMANDS ME! to strike you down while your distracted looking at my jugs.  Ps you gonna die
She's "coming" for you senpai lol im awful lol
Prince-of-Erebus's avatar
Gimme some sugar, baby.
thatonedude236's avatar
Oh crap, it's spreading.

I just imagined Nekohime saying this exact same line.

And yes, Serb. I believe it's time for the Secret Technique.
Keltarian's avatar
If it weren't for the tentacles...I'd SO be game! *^v^*
Preatori0us's avatar
But the tentacles are the best part! <3
TheGearWork's avatar
A little ? No. A lot? Yes, they usually hurt a lo. Great work mate!
captain-zerghunter's avatar
Someone needs to convert a model of this stat.
SAINT-I's avatar
im comin 4 u fuccboi
UNRELENT's avatar
Sweet jump pack. :D
A super cool. Villian. Thank you. I appreciate your artwork 
thanatos1988's avatar
CommissarMuskeg's avatar
Emperor's Children legion? Or, like Doomrider, just a daemon prince(ess) in marine form?
At least we know why Serb decided to head back into real-space...
Blazbaros's avatar
Chaos raptor of <insertchaoswarbandhere>
Sorantheman's avatar
So how long untill someone requests slashart with her and that khornate daemonette you drew a wile back?
Blazbaros's avatar
 Not too long, I hope.  :iconpervylinkplz:
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