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Published: December 12, 2015
I haven't played Doom in a REALLY long time, but the Cyberdemon always stuck out to me =p and now that I think about it, I never did beat it. . . always liked Dark Forces more.
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Just browsing the older pics in your gallery. I have to confess when I saw the title, I half expected you to draw a rule 63'd thicc muscular cutesy cyberdemoness with large breasts or something to that effect.
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BlazbarosProfessional Digital Artist
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Great art. Only nitpick is that the cyberleg is always the opposite of the missile launcher, but that's really pedantry more than anything. :D
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    You made me play it again.  Here we go.  Sleepness nights, I love the play.  Oh well game time!.   YES!!!  Thanks
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Sexual-YetiProfessional Digital Artist
ooo~! That is some good nostalgia *rubs mayo over body*
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all time badass creature in DOOM history!!
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I shall see you in Doom 4 and lets just say my trusty boom stick gonna say "hello mr fancy pants" :P
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My favorite doom story is when I was little my friends and I,found a disc with doom 2 on it and although my parents frowned on it we would play it every now and then. We would do a strange two player combo of one mover, one shooter (lots of disagreements on what needed to be done happened I assure you). One day we were exploring around an area we thought was clear when we suddenly got shot in the back. Whoever was moving did a quick 180 and I shot it with what we had equipped at the time, the BFG 9000. Turned out to be a standard mook and we sat there and watched him melt from the overkill, then laughed about how outrageous it was to kill the base level enemy with the most powerful gun in the game. Good times, good times.
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SilverlegendsHobbyist General Artist

I hated this bastard a lot, even more than the hell spider.
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MarscalebHobbyist General Artist
Few bosses can compete with the Cyberdemon on an aesthetic level.
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StringsartzHobbyist General Artist
freeeakin siiiickk
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BlazbarosProfessional Digital Artist
Thanks :D
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"Hey... 'Sup?"

The Doom 3 version was spectacular.
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-Grab buckets of water
-Empty the bucket on the Cyberdemon
-Cyberdemon goes short circuit
-Repeat until explosion

Your art is legendary for sure but you're a fucking scrub with no hopes of redemption at games.
Fite me.
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BlazbarosProfessional Digital Artist
Nah, brah.
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Oh, uhm...okay then, sorry :c
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shoot it until it dies
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webkillaHobbyist General Artist
Looks like it has big guts...
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Pretty easy to subdue if you have enough walls and energy cells for the BFG.
But hey, I'm more of a Hexen guy.
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It's worth beating (some fun levels and weird architecture in the last episode of the game,) but the Cyberdemon is easily the highlight; the Spider Mastermind isn't nearly as cool or as fun to fight. Which I guess is why they dropped it and just used the Cyberdemon as the final boss when they remade it as Doom 3...
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BlazbarosProfessional Digital Artist
I've seen a friend beat it, so I feel like I don't need to anymore
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There's not enough Doom art out there.  Always happy to see some more!  Happy enough that I'll forgive you for liking Dark Forces more than Doom. :)

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