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Codex: Eternal Legion




This pretty much kicks everything I've ever done in the pants. I made this from scratch, learning a whole bunch of new things along the way. No Xara involved, just straight photoshop. Needless to say, I'm very proud of the result. I'll have a version without the text up in a bit.

Attached to this deviation is something else I've been working on for a while, with the diligent help of *AzraelSkyle. We've put together a makeshift Eternal Legion codex with rules, options and unique features. Its not quite done, its still missing character descriptions and wargear rules (but those can be filled in with the vanilla Space Marines codex). Those can be added in a later update.

If you wish to take a look at it, hit DOWNLOAD.

Note: I've never actually played the tabletop 40k game, so most of the rules went right over my head, but I've understood what they do. Me and *AzraelSkyle have made pretty good estimations for points cost and the like, but it won't hurt to have a second opinion on things. I would greatly appreciate any critique you'd have on the document. If you find spelling/grammar errors, PLEASE tell me where they are and what they are, not just "there's some errors". Any suggestions toward the Legion would also be appreciated.

Non-text, large version:

Old Cover:

this looks terrible now. . .

Codex Template:

Organization Chart:

Eternal Legion © me
Space Marines, Warhammer 40k Logo, etc © Games Workshop

Tools: CS3

Music: Unstoppable - David Arkenstone

EDIT: Added a crap ton of more stuff, still working on others.

EDIT: Made it more 6th edition-y, I'm gonna buy the Dark Angels codex tomorrow to reformat it perfectly.
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Lore: It was very well organized, well thought out. I love the way you went into detail on the 5th Black Crusade. I was very curious as to what was going to happen next.
-English: Everything seems to check out. There's a few typos here, or a missing/extra word, but nothing too serious.
-Layout: Very much like a codex should be, very straightforward with a lot of background that explains quite a lot.
-There is a section that has some maps, along with some blank sections concerning Geography, History, and Notable Locations. I'm not sure if this was an accident, or if you hadn't finished it yet, but figured they were pretty large gaps, and that they should be mentioned.
-And They Shall Know No Fear- I think at this point, you could just tell the reader to look into the Warhammer 40,000 rulebook. Since 6th edition, they've made some changes to it.
-Ties that Bind- My god, this is perfect. I'd come up with a concept of a vengeful marine chapter that got stronger as their forces dwindled. If I may have your permission, may I borrow the basic concept? Not taking the specific rules necessarily, but more of the percentage-based system you have.
-I'd suggest having a reference page on the back like most codices, i.e. charts that have a unit/model's stats, along with weapon stats. As you may know, it makes it easier to find the basic information during a game.
-The Griffin's Pinions: I was a little unsure about the wording concerning this. Is it a jump pack that provides the standard jump infantry rules in addition to allowing the additional 6" movement in the assault phase, or did you mean that it's a jet pack?
-Heracles Nova: Again, a little confused on the wording here. I see that he may be included in an Eternal Watchmen squad, as opposed to must. That part I understand. However, is he never counted on the HQ allowance? Or is it that he's only not counted when he's in an Eternal Watchmen squad? If the former, I'd change it to "He never counts toward your HQ allowance, regardless of whether or not he joins an Eternal Watchmen squad." or something like that. If it's the latter, maybe change it to "If he has joined an Eternal Watchmen squad, he does not count against your HQ allowance. By contrast, if he has not joined an Eternal Watchmen squad, he does count against your HQ allowance."
-For the Exalted Ancile, maybe it should count as something more than simply terminator armor, to show that it's actually special. Maybe it can make force weapons only count as power weapons against him?
-I also have to mention, I think you epitomized each HQ quite well when it comes to the relationship between their lore and their special rules. However, I feel like the base stats they have are a little too generic. Maybe up the wounds on the Chapter Master to 4, and don't be afraid to mess with the toughness and strength, or the attacks. Angvard is a good example of what could be done to the others. In terms of Falco, I might give him another wound. A basic blood angels reclusiarch has 3 wounds. Yes, they're blood angels, but that doesn't mean you can't do the same <img src="…" width="15" height="15" alt=":)" title=":) (Smile)"/>
-I gotta say, the quote for Falco is just awesome. Not sure where you got it or why it's there, but do not, under any circumstances, remove it. I had a good chuckle at that.
-Angvard- If it's not too late, I'd suggest maybe making his power fist into a thunder hammer. It just makes sense for the name, at least to me. I understand if it's too late, though. I've gotten a desire to change some wargear that physically affected the model, and I'd already made the model.
-Emperor's Judgement- I'd consider making the "storm bolter" option a little more appealing. I mean yes, the benefit of it is that you can assault with it if you wish, but outside of that it doesn't seem to do much.
-Nemo's pistol- Not entirely sure what the purpose of this is. The Emperor's Judgement "storm bolter" option seems to override this.
-Really happy to see the boarding shields used in this codex. They're wonderful looking items, and really seem to fit the appearance of the chapter.
-Disruptor Field- I think for this, it should throw models back d6", potentially ending close combat as a result. It would have some real strategic purposes to it, such as using it during your opponent's turn to end the combat and then charge them instead, or using it to save some models for a turn and stall for time. Of course, I'd say only infantry are affected by this, as opposed to Walkers, Vehicles, and Monstrous Creatures.
-Transdimensional Leap- I'm not entirely sure if this is a good idea in its current state, mainly because it can leave the caster stranded, where he can get focus fired. Perhaps make an option where if he lands within a certain range of an allied squad, he gets a free movement to join them? Unless you consider the risk worth it. I can see it being quite useful for a retreat, but otherwise, not so sure.
-The Page Squad is said to have power armor, yet they have a 4+ armor save. Was this meant to be scout armor?
-Aid Unlooked For- First of all, I like the idea that the Eternal Legion took in a dying chapter. That's real heroism right there. Nonetheless, I'd say for the 'reroll' portion of the rule, maybe allow the person to reroll reserve rolls for them, as that would make more sense, seeing as they show up "when" they're most needed as to "where" they're most needed.
-Also, for the Marines Mordant, does the Inquisition know they're being harbored by the Eternal Legion? I imagine this would have pretty serious ramifications if so. Oh, and seeing as they are a Blood Angels successor chapter, perhaps consider giving them Furious Charge.
-You mentioned that vehicles were rare for the chapter, and in a comment you said that you didn't know how to show this gameplay-wise. Maybe add a limit on how many of each type of vehicle can be brought to the game. Like maybe only 1 rhino, 1 drop pod, 1 land raider, etc. can be taken per 500 points or something. Obviously adjust it as you see fit, as maybe rhinos are more numerous than a land raider (so 2-3 rhinos and 1 land raider per 500 points, or 1 rhino per 500 points & 1 land raider per 1000 points)
-Some of the stuff in the armory is outdated. By this, I mean the close combat weapons lack their AP values, and a lot of it should direct the reader to the warhammer 40,000 rulebook.
-For the Tempest Blade, for realism, I'd suggest that perhaps explain how it's able to fire. Does it have a gun mounted to it? Or is it thrown? If it's thrown, perhaps mention that it returns to the wielder
-For the Cerberus Launcher, from my understanding it's no longer possible to assault from a standard vehicle, even if it hasn't moved. I would suggest making the Land Speeder Storm an assault vehicle for this purpose.
-Forgive me if I'm wrong, but the blast effect on the scatterstrike missiles sounds like a Barrage. If I'm wrong, well disregard this.

Overall, it's a really well done codex. You said you'd never actually played the game? If so, I give you huge props, man. It's difficult to understand point balancing without actually playing the game. Even if you have, I'd still give you props. As I mentioned, it's incredibly well-thought-out, with great lore. I honestly want to see more of their history in time, or the details of some specific battles of theirs. I'd like to see how they've become more calculating since the fall of their previous chapter master. On top of that, it's a very inspiring codex. As I read it, my mind opened up to a dozen ideas for the various codex projects I've been working on (Hence why I asked if I may borrow your basic chart layout for the codex USR). Oh, and lastly, what I think really brought this codex some attention was the artwork on the cover. They say don't judge a book by its cover, but considering the quality of the artwork, and then reading the content within, I'd have to make an exception! It's a very dramatic scene that shows the level of coordination within the team. The sergeant has made his command. His finger hasn't even started to fall, and his men are already rushing to fulfill their duties. Great job, man.