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Charity Carpenter

By Blazbaros
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I got a brand new Wacom Intuos Pro this week and here's the first picture finished on it!  She's a character from the Dresden Files :D

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The TV series? Had watched a couple of episodes.

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Book series, the TV series is terrible!

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A friend had given me a couple of books for Christmas gifts. Couldn't get into them.

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Why are there no Orthodox style warrior nuns?
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because no one asks for them, I guess

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In this day and age?

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Their dress would be a more modern cut than a typical habit.

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Then what's the point?

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To blend in with the public. Unless they have a cloaking spell that allows them to be fully armed and armored under their glamor. Just a thought.

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You did a great job making her look semi practical with the armor shape and design, while also not completely burying her curves either. The armor design is also nicely detailed, and has good color and lighting. Good job on this one.

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Never bury those curves.


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Indeed, thank you for finding an interesting balance; it's good to see an artist who can do a nice blend of both. Keep up the great work.

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Aah, Mrs Carpenter - always at her most generous when handing out PAIN.

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Ready to storm Arctis Tor.

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She looks a bit to young. I don't know why but she gives of this immature air about her. Charity might have been once but at the point in her life when she wielded the hammer to rescue her daughter from faerie I can't picture her looking this belligerent. But I'm glad to see more Dresden files artwork.
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I dunno man, she's pretty no-nonsense and given that situation, she's pretty much done with everyone's crap.

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Im not the best with words, but I'll try.

The way read her in that book, during that scene was that she had just gone through the despair of having her daughter kidnapped. By that point she was beyond anger or judgement or any emotion really all that was left was a steely resolve to get Molly back. The way I pictured her was more like some of the artwork you see of Jeanne d'Arc. Someone who is willing to literally go to hell and back with no regrets only faith... Sorry if I'm sounding a bit preachy here. I just thought that was a well written part of the series.

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Great work! If this is what charity looks like, how would molly look in your style?

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Guess we’ll have to find out!

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Interesting 🤔
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this look screams *”I'm not going to heal you one more time just for you to run to your death”* (just look like a cleric to me)

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She doesn’t strike me as the ‘charitable’ sort...

...sorry, I’ll see myself out.
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