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Centaur Archer

By Blazbaros
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We need a center Royal family, And this one reminds me of the elf from Lord of the rings.
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D'oh!  You got me with my vices.

I'm a sucker for blondes and centaurides, and this lady is both. :heart:
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Gotta love a lady with a talent for giant weapons
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Awesome centaur
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Wonderful work on this one. She's quite impressive and formidable. 
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What?  I like her nose.
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Ah ok then that explains it
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Lady Centaur <3 <3 <3
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Looks awesome!!
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She needs a strong back.

You know, for archery.
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looks incredibly good Blaz! wonder if the "arrow in the knee" adventurer-ender still applies to centaurs...y'know? it probably applies double for them.
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I love how you did the arrows
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I'm a sucker for horses but I've got to ask, you take inspiration from ''white hind'' by sandara? They look alike in colour and style
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What is white hind? Please explain
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White hind is a picture of a centaur in a forest thats very alike the one here. Its done by sandara. Check it out
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Ah ok then link plz :o
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oks and indeed boom.
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That was one of the references the commissioner sent me, yeah
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Well good to see the commissioner (And you by extension) have a good taste in style
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