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Barael Halfbreed

By Blazbaros
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My half-elf swashbuckler rogue from a 5e campaign that sadly fell through.  We were playing the Storm King's Thunder story line.

Rare is the union of high elf and dark elf, rarer still the progeny it sires. A tale is told of a dark elf prince and high elf maiden finding love where their royal houses would do battle, enduring through generations of constant intrigue and warfare. Not wanting to endure another cycle of hate, they conceived in secret a child named Barael, but were doomed to not see him grow. Entrusted to a loyal ward, he escaped the destruction of the two houses.

Believing that survivors would do him harm, the ward set them upon a ship to a far off land, but did not survive the voyage. Alone, he turned to the captain to help, convincing him that he would not be a burden and be a valuable crew member. He proved this time and again when set to task, becoming a talented cutpurse and silver tongued scoundrel, earning the crew more coin then they ever had in the past. While he never knew the family he had, he earned a new one among the pirates.

Sadly this also was not to last. Due to the crew's success, they had earned the ire of many a pirate across the Sword Coast and beyond. Their due was upon them and an ambush was sprung upon Barael's captain and crew. Unable to save them, he was thrown overboard and watched from afar as his home burned and friends slain, losing consciousness on a piece of debris. He awoke sometime later upon the shore, beaten, but not broken, his heart full of revenge. Everything was taken from him once, but those were so distant like a dream. Now that it happened right in front of his eyes, he vowed it would not happen again. Damned be those who would stand in his way.

During the story, he met a tressym named Dante and they became best bros for life.

I had him lined up and coloured for some time, I just hadn't the motivation to finish it for some reason. And for those of you that can see it, yes I wholly based his design off the Pathfinder swashbuckler…
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so very stylish this guy
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Loving the Pathfinder design.
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Looks great, dude.
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Awesome work. Love the pose for both these guys. Very cool story too. Sorry to hear that your campaign fell through. "Storm King's Thunder" can be a real blast. Hopefully you get to pick it up again, or at least play this character again.
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Ooooh very cool!
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This is cool
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AnastasiyProfessional Digital Artist
I really like the colors, great work!
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You baited me with the badass half-elf. You got me with the Tressym... :heart:
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You did well.
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That is a really neat elf swashbuckler. It's always good to see a drow using something other than dual scimitars, though he might still duel wield the rapier and dagger on his belt, but that is a fital part of the fighting style so makes sense.

Also love the winged kitty!
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Did I mention how much I love your drows? Because I really do!
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BlazbarosProfessional Digital Artist
:D this is a good sentiment
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I was looking for art for my character when I came across this and find it funny we had similar ideas, mine was for the new Waterdeep: Dragon Heist, mine was a half dark elf whose mother was a noble family's kidnapped daughter who was rescued and returned pregnant, soon giving birth to a dark half elf, his mother's love was the only thing that saved the child who grew up to become a professional duelist, taking on being a noble's second or Proxy in duels of honor, it is a lucrative but frowned upon way to make money. 
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Sorry about the campaign, but the character looks awesome
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KindlyCruelHobbyist Writer
Wow, he looks so dashing! Sounds like a cool character too.
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ZeartistProfessional Writer
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