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Agata Lombard of the Sisters Sojourn

The Sisters Sojourn are an Order of Adeptus Sorortias, who see themselves more like an order of knights rather then a convent of battle-clerics, that journey across the stars searching for relics and artifacts.  They work closely with Rogue Traders and Explorators, aiding them in their endeavors, but their ultimate loyalty lies with the Imperium and the Emperor.  With no world to call their own, they move about on the great starships of the Imperial Navy.

In recent reports, they seem to have allied themselves with the Eternal Legion Chapter of the Adeptus Astartes.  Most of their activity is in and around the Apollo's Abyss Sector, basing their operations on the Cardinal World of Andoras.  Most of their number is currently engaged in the Alador Subsector, aiding the Eternal Legion in stabilizing a system wide Necron uprising.

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honestly, they'd fit in with the Dark Angels (minus the rampant secrecy in the chapter)
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Do you happen to have anything else written up about this order? I have been throwing around ideas in my head about it and wish to know more.
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If I did, it'd be here.
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I love this and thanks you've given me some costuming inspiriation
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"searching for relics and artifacts"

the inquisition has been alerted of this suspicious activity...
only a follower of Azhrek would care so much about artifacts..
or a blood raven...
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Its almost like Imperial Warrants and the backing of the Adeptus Mechanicus was there for them to get around that pesky suspicion!
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it's almost like the Inquisition answers to no one but the emperor! :fencer: en garde!
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Its almost like they're apart of the Ecclesiarchy and therefore have ties to Ordo Hereticus!


I rest my case.
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the dispuatant would like to call a witness to the case.

...the entirety of the grey knights chapter.

was it true, that On the morning of the ninth day upon Val Horne, Battle-Sisters of the Adepta Sororitas' Order of the Ebon Chalice assaulted a basilica, resulting in some of the Sisters being corrupted by the Bloodtide? And was it true that the survivors were soon slaughtered by a horde of Bloodletters that had taken up positions atop the basilica's walls? This "Bloodtide" only abated with the arrival of the Grey Knights' 4th Brotherhood on Van Horne as well?
And, was it not true that upon turning your blades upon the surviving Battle-Sisters, the Grey Knights sated their blades in their innocent blood, effectively turning their weapons and armour into talismans of purity, defeating this invasion without punishment from the Ecclesiarchy?


your honor I rest my case!
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OBJECTION! That fluff was written out and is irrelevant to the rather trivial case at hand!
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what the defendant fails to realize is that this was an inquisitorial action, was it not?
I ask the jury, if these Sisters can't be overruled by Grey Knights, then who is to question their motives!
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:U Me, cuz that story was BS and we all know it.
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One thing that actually bugs me is that this color scheme is mostly the same than the Order of Our Martyred Lady's (white hair is even supposed to be their own thing), while this is supposed to be an original one. Unless they'd be some separate branch of that major order or something, I suppose.
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Not really. The white hair was retconned in a recent novel. All the sisters are bald and that is a wig. And many named characters in the Shield of Baal expansions had the white hair whilst being from from the Order of the sacred rose. And on the same the order of the sacred rose and the argent shroud are almost identical, and the order of the Ebon Chalice and Our Martyred lady are almost identical save an inverted mantle color. So having a forest green armor with a burgundy mantle isn't too far fetched or smacking too close--and they're not space marines, they don't really divide like chapters. more often than not the ecclesiarchy just calls for a new one.

tl;dr try not to be quick to compare to something. I know you mean well but it can be grating on an artist who put a lot of effort into it. 
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It's been 2 years but those claims you made about sisters appear to be wrong. After stumbling upon that art again and seeing that argument, I got skeptical this time and asked James Swallow himself (who's open to questions on twitter) about the wigs. He said he has never heard of that before and that as far as he knows, it's not true.…
(this isn't a fake twitter, he once gave away informations about an upcoming short story that turned out to be true)
Also I checked the Shield of Baal rulebooks and everytime there was a character with white hair, she was from the order of our martyred lady.
And even if the possibility of specific orders created from others was vague and left to interpretation, it appears to be true as well:…

So yeah. Double check your sources in arguments like these. You don't wanna spread extrapolations made from vague memories.
It's definitely awkward to point that out only 2 years later but I suppose it's better than not letting you know.
(keep in mind that this isn't about criticising the design and background of Blazbaros's order, I'm just correcting your lore claims so you'll know by now. Nothing stops any order to have White hair as long as it's in its color scheme and in newer arts of these Sisters Sojourn, the "Green Martyred Lady" vibe is completely gone to me so don't worry about that)
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well...I'm glad to see that something I said nearly 2 years ago while half drunk got you so investigative at the least. I barely even remember writing this m8. But it's something to know at the very least.
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You were half drunk? Well okay then. That explains a lot. You were claiming all those weird things with so much confidence I was rather confused and wanted a confirmation.
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I am impressed that my half-drunk ramblings were apparently potent enough that you'd nurse your passive aggressive hatred of me for 2 years. Potent enough that you have dedicated your time to bothering a writer over twitter as well as editing your little come back SIX TIMES for something I stopped giving a shit about immediately after I wrote the comments two years ago. 

Jeebus dude, get a life.

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Well I forgot about it as well until I stumbled upon that art again lately, it doesn't take 2 years to ask a few questions to some people and check pictures in a book :v
I get that it definitely can be seen as clumsily passive-aggressive but don't over-exaggerate the situation by assuming I had some crazy hatred for 2 years for some guy's ramblings. If I was doing that every time I disagree with someone...well I can't imagine. Like dude, maybe it's a little frustrating for me to see someone spreading lore misbeliefs but I'm not like that.  I get that I was contradicting you, but don't thoroughly attribute to malice every behavior of that kind.

What I learned was useful knowledge to me so maybe it would have been for you too, despite the message being awkward. Yeah I remember I edited my message several times because it was stressing (and it is again as I'm writting this honestly, going back to it several times to make sure I didn't fuck up some wordings, English isn't my main language) considering I wasn't sure to tell you what I found since it's been 2 years and it was impossible to really predict your reaction. But I wasn't supposed to know that you were drunk at the time.
When you see someone claiming such things like you did, it does raise questions, and I wanted the answers. I mean what if you stumbled upon someone who claimed something strange in 40k that you've never heard of, wouldn't you be curious to verify these claims, especially if they're on a faction that interests you? I'm used to correct and be corrected by friends or random people when it comes to lore sometimes, it helps each other in our creative endeavours. But I guess I should have probably kept that for myself in the end, it was a silly decision considering we didn't particularly hit it off, and for such an outdated thing. Sorry if that was annoying.
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