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So. . . its not the worst thing in the world, as some will claim.  I can understand where they're coming from.  As a friend said to me, Marvel's quality control won't let it be terrible, at best it'll be mediocre and forgettable, which in its own way is worse then being outright awful.  After seeing it for myself, I firmly believe that.  5/10.

The plot serves as an origin story for Captain Marvel, but sadly not Mar-Vell, who kinda gets shafted.  One of two shaftings, I might add.  I don't call myself a comics expert or anything, but even with my limited knowledge, this is a pretty poor adaptation that often leaves you wondering "why in the heckin' heck did they make that choice?".  Its also riddled with flashback sequences that at first are fine, but then stop the movie in its tracks to force feed us exposition.  On top of this, Carol Danvers, by the end of the movie, not only tells the villain that "she has nothing to prove", when in reality she's only proved to be kind of a shitty person and not a very compelling hero.  When she shows up in Endgame and in future Marvel films, I'm predicting she's just going to take up the leadership role and expect us to go along with it, believing that her physical strength and not strength of character is going to smooth that over right quick.  Because being the "most powerful" makes you the "most charismatic", right? . . . right?

Anyway, the other shafting I mentioned.  Nick Fury is either woefully underutilized in this film or is the focus some really stupid patronizing.  This is supposedly our real introduction to him as a character and while he does have some minor moments, they're quickly overshadowed.  More importantly, which the question of "how did he get his eyepatch?" is finally answered, you're going to be disappointed.  Despite this, he's one of the most fun characters to have on screen in the film, which is only matched by Ben Mendelsohn's character, TALOS.  He's a skrull and he's hilarious.  Never a dull moment when he's around.  In fact, all of the skrulls were pretty awesome, I like the skrulls. I want more skrulls.

All in all, its not a film I intend to see again, nor do I expect to in the future.


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