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Published: March 16, 2008
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After much consideration, I decided to bring this back. I originally took it down when someone got mad at me for it. Now I realize that this stamp expresses my opinion. None of you have to agree with me, I'm not forcing anyone to think the way I do. If you don't like this stamp, that's fine with me. But please respect my option to have and express my own opinion. I won't be mad if you hate it, you shouldn't be mad at me for creating it. If I get flamed for it, I will not take it down again unless you can provide me with a genuine, sensible reason as to why I should. In absence of a good reason, the most I'll do is disable comments and block flamers.
Contrary to popular belief, this stamp was not made with anyone in mind. I created this stamp when I got sick of people submitting quick doodles and becoming popular because of it while the hardworking artists get little respect for their art. I do not believe the time you spend on something means anything. You could work your butt of on a piece of artwork and it only took you 10 minutes. Some people are faster artists than others. I also believe a piece of artwork could take you hours with little to no effort put into it at all. Time means nothing. The work and effort you put into something is what counts.
So please

Help put the WORK back in Artwork!</u>

Now available in non-subscriber format!
Just put the following text in your non-subscribed journal
: iconartworkplz :: iconartwork2plz :
without spaces, and even non-subscribers can enjoy the artWORK stamp!

Base (c) $zilla774
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NinjaWoodpeckers91Hobbyist Digital Artist
True that.
saliy-angel-wolf-420's avatar
saliy-angel-wolf-420Professional Artist
Using Hell yeahhh skeleton 
KannibalSnakeSAMXIII's avatar
KannibalSnakeSAMXIIIHobbyist Traditional Artist
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actualbagelStudent Traditional Artist
The longest I've ever worked on a piece of artwork with effort put into it was 5 months.
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GenToastHobbyist Digital Artist
The longest I ever put into a drawing was 2.5 hours. Usually, I only take like 45 minutes to do a drawing cos I draw so fast (and messy)
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waterfuzzyHobbyist General Artist
I sometimes submit sketches, but only as references, and I'd never expect anything for them :P I work hard on my actual art, and I hate it when I see people using bases and doll makers on an ART site. Learn to draw, start on paper!
radiumlowi's avatar
I take... several nights (2 hrs per day) on my pictures. I seek for perfection and trying out new techniques each time ^ ^
HopeDiamond101's avatar
HopeDiamond101Student General Artist
*Faves* :3
zooIogy's avatar
zooIogyHobbyist Digital Artist
i dont lel
SythraNightshade's avatar
SythraNightshadeHobbyist Digital Artist
I usually put more than 4 hours in one picture so....ê.e
Thanks for this stamp!
MillyTheKitty1's avatar
MillyTheKitty1Student Digital Artist
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Miha-ChiHobbyist Digital Artist
Great stamp. I spend about 5 hours working on a single picture, a group picture takes me 2 days.
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MasiRoyalProfessional Interface Designer
Screw peeps who hate this stamp
jarleynygmobblepot's avatar
jarleynygmobblepotProfessional Writer
me too
espimyte's avatar
espimyte Digital Artist

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Mina-FoxHobbyist Traditional Artist
Cool stamp there. It means a lot. ^_^
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fangythewoofProfessional General Artist
i du 2
CandyHeartSweetness's avatar
CandyHeartSweetnessStudent General Artist
iiRiver-Of-Blood's avatar
iiRiver-Of-BloodStudent Artist
Ohh I get it :XD:
Solar-Fennec's avatar
Solar-FennecHobbyist Traditional Artist
OMG I LOVE THIS STAMP!!! Screw what the other negative people have told you! I so agree with this stamp!
moreawesomethentyou's avatar
moreawesomethentyouHobbyist Writer
That is true, I hunch over for hours working on something and trying to make it look really nice, looking at every detail to the point where I could strain my eyes. It can look nice and people do compliment my work. But when one boy I know puts barely any effort into his drawings, every one says how amazing it looks, then he'll brag how he is the second best artist in class. That is annoying, I'm faving this.~
. . .
I'm strange, but you already knew that :meow:
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Elise-LucyHobbyist General Artist
When I was 12, it took me 5 minutes to draw an amazing piece which I put a lot of work into. Now, it's 5 hours or more :la:
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