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Spirit and Rain

Verily I do run out of good titles, these days.

Needed to practice horses, and character-conformity, so the byproduct was... Spirit fanart! 'twas fun. In my head the title runs as "Spirit: Stallion of the Silmarillion", but that is another thing altogether. (Cimarron, what, it doesn't alliterate half as well)

Note to self: Stop slacking on sketches, it does no wonders for inking later.

Photoshop and a smidge of Painter, ~7 hours. Download for full view!
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i love spirit!!


You're a Spirit fan!  Did you know that Dreamworks and Netflix are creating a spin-off called Spirit: Running Free?  It’s going to be CG animated (not hand-drawn :/) and Spirit isn’t even going to look like Spirit anymore. :( They removed his dorsal stripe and added a white blaze on his face. He also has a rider now named: Lucky.  She and her friends team up to harness the power of friendship. (waaaat????) If you want to know more or sign this petition I’ve created opposing this new show it click on this link. Share this with as many Spirit fans you know of: Family, friends, Spirit club members.  It’s outrageous and a huge step down from the original.…


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Oh crikey that's painful :/
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Hello! Since this picture is about Spirit! Maybe you'd like to submit it in SpiritTheMustang?

SpiritTheMustang is a group based on the character Spirit from Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron, we are trying to bring back the good old Spirit times by getting new members to join! 
All members are automatically approved Heart 
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I hate to be the barer of bad news, but I think this beautiful piece of yours has been stolen.…
I hope the link works, but I thought you should know.
I could be wrong also, but this piece and yours looks very similar.
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Heh, they didn't even remove the signature/watermark thing! Ah well, no harm done, but thanks for the heads up :)
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This is my childhood. :D
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A good one, eh :D
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Looks like a clip from the movie!
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I have just finished making a fan video full of art from Deviant Artists like you and I was wondering if I should go ahead and start the process of making another. A music video that i will post on youtube FULL of amazing art of spirit the stallion by artists like you and pieces like this! I ALWAYS credit the artists by posting all the names of the artists in the credits and description and I include a link back to the artists gallery, so if someone loves these art pieces they can check out who made them and HOPEFULLY, My goal is to continue to help this site, Deviant Art, Grow.

After rambling.. May I feature your art, fan arty of Spirit, in my next video?
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Go ahead, as long as you credit the original artists I'm fine with it (: All the best!
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My most favorite movie!
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