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Everyone starts off in a small way and with this feature I want to support art that deserves some more attention.
Please take a little time to have a look at these works, I'm sure there's something for every taste. And if you wanna see more wonderful art, take a look at my first feature (news.deviantart.com/article/10…).


:thumb149713892: hi by endorfinas The Looking Glass by CatsEyePhotography ornament by DaphneNg
Untitled by Septdeneuf :thumb148592955: Candle in the dark 2 by kitten-on-the-roof
New Day by kyas :thumb146545710:
weep by butcheredxbutterfly So Lonely by Madalyn-Hope A Storm is Coming by Mar1lyn84
:thumb146638545: Tribal Rhythm by kyas My Favourite Telephone Pole by SublimeChord
Chocoholics Anonymous by mariyaolshevska colours .. by hellenFq A Good Time by Aye-Aye :thumb140499173:
A sigh of wind by Saphitri Kagamine Len 02 by HauroCosplay :thumb147292783:
Connection by deppismmmm Peaceful Afternoon by Mariko303 Merlin's tricks by morglin
Morning tale by LysCarou :thumb122534656: It's Raining Tacks by SublimeChord
Shadow Of the Day by RetroChick27 :thumb140993011: :thumb144418030:
New Forest Morning by Shanec86 New Forest Pony by Shanec86 :thumb96589414:
:thumb149454327: Going to the top by WojciechGorski :thumb144530842:
Circles in the distance by UndisturbedChaos The Doppleganger by DaphneNg :thumb148855177:
Mist coming up by Pamba Love . Peace . Destin by FlabnBone :thumb126586506:
:thumb149663891: lilies by charlie-aux-fraises de javu by semyk3
smell of rain by relep Skate by Dusknigt :thumb122712873:
Mirror Eyes by lagattapiccola Dark come soon by JonazH10 Have to get Out by greenxin
oh simple days smear life away by LefthandedScissors insane - fengdian by psycho-kissen
:thumb78634522: :thumb142520848: :thumb150410217:
:thumb150641932: At home in Wonderland 2 by Milandeentjestoe fake angel by hearyou
:thumb147188510: Geometries in Black and White by Mar1lyn84 Is this thing on v2 by SaretteSouveraine
Homeless by cdsteel Cold Hearted Release by LyDeea
weak love by psycho-kissen We'll Fix You by AnnaFelly I'll Follow You Into the Dark by LastGlance
Filthy by Aye-Aye :thumb104776527: Old School I by iPingu
Shadow Dance by Jahootabegajulie Lost religion by Bojkovski Exiled by Bojkovski
Portrait of Rosa by Milandeentjestoe :thumb149546062: :thumb149573563:
Running Water by SublimeChord :thumb143804187: :thumb121594092:
Surreal water by relep :thumb124539815:


Mature Content

MistressAnd there she was in the garden alone
A shimmering dream where phantoms glow
Her eyes afire for only one moment in time
Her parted lips breathe an excuse for life
She feigns the veil to breed malcontent
Whispers words of disarray
Sows seeds of doubt in the righteous trust
And greets the night without a smile
She croons her sleepless ballad of rebuke
Sings songs that promise the world
Has time enough for every man
But not the pity to spare
She's queen of all her hand can touch
Master of the hopeless few
Beckons for a desperate love
To spurn when the time is right

A Star ExtinguishedA Star Extinguished
( The Old Bard: )
In a world among the stars, unseen
There were many things that might not have been
Knights and gods and sorcerers of old
Deserts hot, meadows mild and Ice Lands cold
And there lived many knights, warriors of might
Who slew their foes without a hint of fright
But that one man was stronger far than any other
To the Gods he dedicated one heroic deed after another
He was loved by the people and held in greatest glory
But yet the Gods kept silent and never listened to his story
So on the fairest evening of the fairest autumn day
He rode into the greatest holy church to have his say
The Rejection
( Onthilion: )
O, mighty Ones of wind, air, earth and water!
Hear the plea of your most loyal knight
Just today I return from your foes’ slaughter
Am I still not worthy of your hearing rite?
What feat must I perform for you?
To gain a moment of your time
O, greatest Holy Ones, what must I do?
To have your ear at last for mine
I have sacrificed whol
The Throbbing of my HeartThe Throbbing of my Heart
With longing eyes I look up at the magenta sky. In front of the vanishing sun appears a shining picture of you. Your calm and loving eyes, that you rarely show to anyone, look at me and draw my heart to you. My body becomes hot and cold at the same time and countless butterflies start to appear in my stomach. In my breast I feel a twinge most likely caused by my heart doing elegant jumps for joy. My blood starts to boil and my feelings do somersaults when I think of you. How much I long for your return and how much I wish to hold you in my arms again! It is getting colder. A slight breeze is coming. The wind touches my body gently and takes my wishes with him on his journey. All the way to you. Content, I lean on the windowsill and listen to the sounds of nature around me.
Why am I still waiting? Nothing ties me to this place anymore. Has not for a long time. Since you have been gone, I have been waiting for the day I can see you again. Every night I co


:thumb147440740: Shadowland by Depplain-Graphix :thumb143217574:
Autumn Queen by Filmchild .the_sleep by namimosa
You Are The Aspiration In Me by 99DEEPBLACK Water by Iarendiel abstinence by alovernotafighter
:Dupee Conqueror:Crimson: by NosliwIll Distribution Cells by SamanthaKross Hudson's Last Port by Twilight-Aura
.no defence. by krylty Sailing in the wine glass by soliter :thumb151560045:
Ocean Goddess by Mariko303 Blue River II by oXgN Become as Gods by MattSpire  
Bound by DarthIggy :thumb134680139: The Fear by SsGirlo
:thumb150474792: Worlds Collide by ahlihceh l'esprit by SsGirlo
Sasuke Avenged by Blaze-ForeverPhoenix :thumb142788481: WIP George Mad by TeapotMysteries

:star:Digital Art:star:

Vanilla Feeling by lexiys Trapped_Finished? by dancedancehappyfeet - Ryuken - by NurBoyXVI :thumb111462545:
Easy Flow by lexiys Colour practice:devilish lol by Mihaela-Gruber :thumb150366251:
Fragile Nature Of The Universe by Saney :thumb145580963: + O.C + :  .: Loic:. by TheMalkovian
:thumb149188228: :thumb128790907: :thumb149998187:
:thumb145824121: :thumb78342886: Doll by LUN2004
Nun bin ich dir ganz ergeben by Severita Troll in the Evening Sun by Asynja Road by MGrygoruk
Suppah Frik by UgandaLebre :thumb150322135: :thumb144707922: :thumb140756098:
:thumb148848514: Commission- Enigma Mage by aceoni Electric Dragon by ZXIV :thumb151546778:
:thumb148751205: .: A Winter Robot Tale:. by TheMalkovian Micro by QuietCity
Supergirl 2 by JoaoRodrigoBaptista :thumb148265387: beat freshup by expressive87
SwEEt fiShES II by MaithaNeyadi :thumb149265296: kaleidoscope dreamer by Cattyn20
World Inverse by futarinokizuna :thumb136086942: :thumb149382841:
:thumb87646832: Water by aceoni :thumb143713864: Down the Rabbit Hole by JustAddMonsters
:thumb144532456: Wrath by ZeNumbers Serendipity by ennovycyv
Waiting for a signal by MGrygoruk :thumb144792150: Beginning of Fairies by juzagirl
Alive by juzagirl :thumb150685700: :thumb127847446:
George by JennBredemeier Marilyn Monroe by JennBredemeier :thumb83491497: :thumb151370547:

:star:Traditional Art:star:

Looking at the Sunset by Racefox :thumb124430923: :thumb147013615:
:thumb149176933: Fortune Teller by Telsi cafe by endorfinas
a little dream by endorfinas bobbin, pintuck by paperzopilote Triptych II by Toxikomani
Sad But Beautiful by Rabotnik11811 :thumb52525749: dios d'or by jonathanjames
Other Half by knockdownginger Owl by Hikari-chyan :thumb118742593:
:thumb149970130: Little Mermaid by Lychnobia :thumb149672332:
:thumb145532610: In cold winter nights by Hikari-chyan Feel the wind by fenifire
Listen to your heart by Lychnobia :thumb150578254: linea musicae by jonathanjames
Equs - Heir of the Heavens by fenifire monster hunters guide by tronik808 Frankfurt by Rabotnik11811
:thumb118236126: Leslie Ann by Nautilus-Hayawaza 1st Anniversary by futarinokizuna
Self Portrait by Spike2121 :thumb135821829: Murder in mind by Asynja You thought it was over? by Sychro
severance by kerimx become her by kerimx :thumb137335595:
Eve Myles by UndisturbedChaos Love is a Lie by ZeNumbers explosion by Yohatch
Les Claypool by the-ChooK Fighting by Delinlea :thumb151360940:
Wind In His Hair by Yelnatz :thumb144948618: snow tiger by BeyondNight


Motion by MosHe-MY AB side by MixeRBink T5 by relhom
Battements by Momez Orbscape by Coldfire-Graphics winter wonderland wallpaper by ClarabellafaireStock

:star:Cartoons & Comics:star:

Life's All Hours 42 by pigmanga :thumb147477456: :thumb149269469:
Lighthouse Bill Tiller Tribute by Deckboy GoingTheXtraMile by Stnk13 A Bird in the Hand by Double-L-46 :thumb149166430:

:star:Tattoo Design:star:

:thumb147895788: Skull Trio Tattoo by Fourgreen
© 2010 - 2021 Blaumohn
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THank you sooo so so much for featuring me!!<3
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You're most welcome! :)
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thank you for featuring me! very nice collection!
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You're welcome! :)
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Really great collection! :thumbsup:
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YaY, Thanks for featuring me :la:
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You're welcome! :)
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Really really thanks for the feature!!!!
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You're welcome!
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awesome collection!
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thank you so much for the feature! :D
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You're welcome! :)
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Many, many thanks for the feature :)
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You're welcome!
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Thank you very much for the feature! :)
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You're welcome! :)
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oh my... thank you so much for the feature :hug:
there are so many amazing artists to be discovered now :giggle:
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You're welcome! :hug:
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they are so beautiful. thanks for the feature.
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You're welcome!
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