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By Blaumohn
Everyone starts off in a small way and with this feature I want to support art that deserves some more attention.
Please take a little time to have a look at these works, I'm sure there's something for every taste. :)


In The Zone. by delusional-dreams Somewhere by mawilda I love cupcakes by artahh
:thumb143843388: Just listening. by x-Butterflied-x Open Fields by RokkeR
It takes two by RokkeR love story by Laura1995 :thumb118863092:
:thumb142774835: Happy Birthday by Humanization Love Berries by botticelligenius
The Mametz Dragon by stephjforster Shattered Beauty by sanitynvrfoundme ID -autumn- by chibi-banane
:thumb143823040: :thumb143807527: Involution II by jva3 Autumn..Again by j0s2m21
:thumb141101332: :thumb142477484: Holy Ground by emerald-flint
:thumb141842765: Season's a-changin' by Cojaro :thumb136606931:
:thumb143802021: Gerber Daisy II by dutch12 Underground by philipp-eos
:thumb143723818: Kiss from a Rose by o-kaykay The Queen's Keys by delusional-dreams
Together by jva3 chase by isilkrnfl :thumb104488023:
skrate 065 edit by Ferreson :thumb105177294: Storms Over Painted Desert by Karl-B
Victim of the Earth by emirasmussen 40.732267, -72.863131 by WmThomas Pose by cutemussy 06. by ArtofLosing
:thumb123561341: Sun, Stop Killing My Eye by MountJin calmly by BridgetCross
Bummer.. by 1500 Where is she? by queenfunkyta memorize by InvisibleSeptember
Colour Walkway by Emeire :thumb143915342: aquamarine by vouloir
:thumb141923862: Dreams by jvrichardson
Summer Light by Kaira-sama :thumb134008805: Should I land here? by anglicotre
:thumb141224280: :thumb143845134: You Have Arrived to Paradise by emirasmussen
:thumb142278014: :thumb142719400: converse. by lovebitesociety
Chi no ike by Psycho-Aliz :thumb143635844: :thumb141346849:
Debod Temple by CharlesAppleboot :thumb143797958:
:thumb123061829: Echoes by Michael-the-3rd :thumb138389454:
Bittersweet by artahh :thumb143785239: a life full of laughter by Humanization
ice cream by tsigane Apella Beach by philipp-eos Following Rabbits by Maixu
:thumb138793834: Ocean Blue by Michael-the-3rd :thumb98602154: Weve been down here for days. by LefthandedScissors
Model Underwater by aliciaholder Sail away with me, honey by o-kaykay :thumb143190673: Broken Limbs of the Forgotten by jassele
:thumb126352727: Up-Close: Feather by Sarahorsomeone
drawing love by greenxin :thumb133041786: :thumb108469611:
Illogical magic by RokkeR Thailand over the sea I by gohyinghui Like Ghosts by stephjforster
Damsel Fly The 'Chill' by sidneyj06 :thumb136918636: days grow dim by tsigane
:thumb143967218: Moving On by jva3 dull lighting by dripplet Final Hours by fluidcuriosity
:thumb139508231: Colour by bloodskrawl Walking throu life by mawilda Just a Shade by el-blindo
:thumb123785717: :thumb109411792: :thumb143737173:
Farm 2 by weirdklown :thumb143253633: Silver1 by Maixu
Requiem for a Season by Karl-B :thumb143367858: Smokey Joe by o-kaykay
:thumb143438906: Resplendent Efflorescent Hope by Ashyndeton Curiosity Killed the Cat by mixxitupp7x
The Tractor by SuiGenerisCrystal Hawk by Dean-Irvine hands held wide open. by lillianMURDERphotos Lorna 6 by kerkera
Silent anger by LysCarou Gaz Montagneux by og2 Silver by EmersonStem
:thumb144180278: Work + pleasure by LuciaConstantin Hearts by Scentofdarkness :thumb143823549:
silhouette by dripplet Ego Is M III by B0NDART Mademoiselle fume le cigare by MadameFatalite :thumb142305581:
Friends by Vk-Queen Rusted From The Rain by Drenton Only in my memory by queenfunkyta
:thumb143828502: :thumb132810482: Black dress by stareater   Orchid Dangerouse 174 by Ferreson

:star:Artisan Crafts:star:

Acorn Gatherer Dragons by kaikaku The Mark of Evil -Artifacts by nekoheehee StH Model- Metal Sonic by Torgetsu-Kon


How to kill a writerInk on a blank sheet, suck dry a body
through the pen sitting between a finger
and an open vein, he won't last longer
than the emptiness written about she.
Words to enlighten the path leading your
spark to the edge of the world, it's futile
when you're already falling, it's obscure.
               we're losing him.
Paper to walk on like a white tile
ready to be broken by many she.
               It's too late.
Used to live but forgot when he
               It's too late,
               he's gone.
RealityWhat is the time?
What is reality?
we live in a world of abstract conceptions,
how to differentiate the real from the imaginary
if we do not know what they really are.
We wander through this world thinking that we understand,
believing that we control it,
believing that we can change our destiny,
we, insignificant beings in this world,
beings with an air of grandeur,
with ephemeral existences, without importance
I'm tired,
tired of carrying this weight on the soul,
tired of fighting this endless solitude,
my body weights and slows,
my heart is dried and withered,
I want to rest,
to close my eyes and sleep,
forget this fact this reality,
travel to a world of dreams,
travel to a universe of ideas,
and lose myself in fantasy.
MementoSoftly, I close my eyes.
From the shadowy darkness that I perceive before me
A miniscule strand of light suddenly spirals outward
While I marvel at its simple form of being, more follow
Guided to me, from every corner of this ethereal antechamber.
These strands of existence glow ever so warmly
As hundreds of them rise from their long-forgotten graves;
Assembling, in unison, working to form a picture -
A picture from a time forgotten, a time long ago.
As if whispering softly, they dispel my illusions of
Why I am, where I am, who I am
And, from the faded pages of my destiny
They reveal what they wish to show me, which is
Who I have forgotten, over my long years of living.
As they clarify my reasons in life, I see
The visage of a familiar face, standing out among thousands of the same -
Tranquil and unbroken by my hasty actions.
It brings back such strong memories of loss and regret
As to make me fall, fall but not move, but only wait.
Forever, now, that image will remind me
And I will ne

The Reality of RainbowsThe Reality of Rainbows
i am a rainbow,
my battered body a vulnerable canvas for his rampant rage.
i am no masterpiece, no tenderly cultivated opus
on proud display for public admiration.
just look at me!
painful gashes drip crimson warmth down the thighs and back
already scar-scored, tinged angry red and blazing orange;   
arms mottled with sickly green-and-yellow bruises,
the newly dealt ones still a throbbing, garish blue.
my right eye is swollen shut,
inflamed violet seeping into indigo
where fist met face.
each blemish has its own tale to tell:
they scream of cowering on the floor, heartbeat pounding in ears,
of anxious knawing at my fingernails til they bleed,  
of uncontrollable trembling as boots clomp drunkenly upstairs,
of liquor-soaked breath and shattering glass,
of begging and shrieking and explosive, all-pervading pain,
of wearing baggy sweatshirts and long pants in summer,
of lies, lies, lies, lies, lies!
does it matter?
I Am The Unknown SoldierI am the faceless millions lying under the sod ,
Strangers in this world but known unto God.
I am every cry that was uttered, every prayer that was said,                                                                       
Every life that was lost, every tear that was shed.
I am a world that grieved as a generation decayed,          
I am the poppies that grow in the fields, to this day.
I am sweethearts and husband, I am brothers and sons,       
I faced the front line; the cannons and guns.
I am the peace bells that rang at the end of the war,  
Angel of the Night: ProloguePrologue
“The Fall”
She knew something was wrong when her six-year-old’s new dress stretched taught across her small, pale back. It wasn’t fear, not at first. Concern, perhaps, that her only child, her baby girl, had twin lumps on her shoulder blades. She knew it was the kind of thing that warranted a visit to the girl’s physician, but surely it was nothing serious. Of course not, because if it were serious, that would mean time and money and stress that she couldn’t afford.
She told her husband first, as any good wife would when faced with such a development.
“Did you see this, dear?” was her question, after he got home from work, after dinner, after cleaning up, after settling down in front of the television. It was at commercial.
“Mm? What?”
“Esther.” As the girl glanced up at her mother, the woman extended a hand. Obedient as always, Esther scampered over.
“Yes, Mommy?”
“Turn around. Let Daddy see your back.

Lost SoulA shadow, a memory
of a midnight reverie
watching, waiting silently
for the token of its passing.
Giving nothing, taking nothing
leaving nothing in its wake
feeling hollow, cracked ajar
nursing fading mortal scars.
Its perception slowly twisted
to the ways of darkened lives
it sighs, then recedes
fading back into our dreams.
But now our hearts are broken.
Who am I? V.2
Who am I? V2
You didn't steal something that one can put a price on.
You didn't take away something that I could replace.
You didn't just hurt me...
You took away my very being; rid me of my very essence; stripped me of my very soul...
You took away something, oh so very important. Because of all of this hatred…
You took away me.
You changed who I was, stripped me of my personality and shaped me into this woman that I cannot recognise anymore. I look into the mirror and see my body underneath my face and yet… it isn’t me. The woman in the mirror is different. I can’t explain it, she just is. My very existence seems worthless now. I don't know what I live for anymore, I don't see how I can ever move on, I don't understand why you did what you did to me. You said it was to hurt the man that I loved, the man that loved me back... but honestly, I think you just hurt me a lot more than you hurt him by doing this. You said it was in revenge of somethi


:thumb87030123: Violynne's Death by Toomi5 Landscape007 - Airspace by Toomi5
Innovation in Imagination by Edd1ZzLe :thumb142246264: Apocalypse by SynGT
:thumb143487025: :thumb55543258: :thumb135934783:
Welcome... by Ha-nn-aH Futurism by Saney sugar high by vouloir
Autumnbound by Eryn-Grace-OMalley No mercy by Rogerdatter plasma by hydezz
:thumb54809405: rain drops by AmaraLukas Sharing Secrets and Dreams by Craig-Larsen
Eternal by hydralore Catch Me If I Fall by Night-Sky13 Planet red house ::360 Pano:: by rdevill
Hope. by Phoenix-Lockheart :thumb142911571: :thumb138691293:
Curious Mermaid by Susaleena Any further wishes? by stella-marina :thumb144500481: Awaiting the Winters Frost by colrath

:star:Traditional Art:star:

Toasters on LSD by toasterb0t coffee dancer by dyingrose24 :thumb113259565: I sold my soul for the fame by BratMax
:thumb143078112: kaede by kika1983 Clockwork Doll by toasterb0t Princess by Nymonyrya
Totoro stencil by moon-glaze autumn by midis-lupus Anoushka. by simone4390 Laugh Now , Cry Later Skullz by EricScsavnickiTattoo
:thumb143918964: Harley Quinn by wolvenlove :thumb142061135: Whatever3 by DarkDemonEyes :thumb136271687:
Blossoming by kill-new Life VS Death by alahay :thumb132512098: :thumb131685796:
Dog by KawaiiCulture What Lies Beneath by DundalkChild :thumb139328842:
Rainbow Music by desiree-amber-moore The Best of a Million by GoProgressChrome
Giverny by JacobJenkins :thumb142766434: Green Temptation by BenjaminForsell Precious Pea by piXieLips
Shoot out by olivera-h :thumb117895870: :thumb135228776:
The Rapunzel Complex by Double-L-46 Broken Bridges by DundalkChild 000031 by wesleyayers
000028 by wesleyayers City of Twist by geduliss She Plants the Seeds by complexis
just a girl by penquins Night and Day by Bernouilli 000022 by wesleyayers
:thumb142732277: :thumb143831705: My own Carp Tattoo Design by Jezzy-Fezzy
:thumb141095020: Stylized Self by Ivan-Andreev Character Genesis 3 by Ivan-Andreev
couple by quybaba :thumb138401241: Kate Bush by CatherineEarnshaw89
Resurreccion by SonicShooter Custom St. Michael by dfmurcia Into the Deep by alisette
The Tree of Time by BeyondInfinite I hear your voice in silences. by effortlessness Rat by IronMitten
My cyborg baby by dyingrose24 :thumb126333503: :thumb140291723:
Midnight card games by DeBratski Baba Yaga by DeBratski AIW - Mad Hatter by geduliss
skog by rubbe Pretty Clown by DarkDemonEyes Commission Part 1 by meiken
:thumb113869058: desire. by dowe


:thumb102636295: Beautiful Bacterium by Magnebula The Digital Meridian by Magnebula

:star:Digital Art:star:

Fruit Balloons by Loriele :thumb140521198: Friends? by Urzu6 Free Your Mind by HammersonHoek
Dreamer. by Phoenix-Lockheart The Odd Couple 2 by HammersonHoek :thumb133709195:
:thumb128773475: :thumb122699054: :thumb143610601:
:thumb129798847: Relaxing by the pool - Redux by Mantastic001 Falcon-Tiger Griffin by ShadOBabe
:thumb142810944: :thumb143783064: :thumb142207712:
Hazy Daze Flash App by Past-Chaser This coffee is delicious. by EaselWeasel :thumb143607738: :thumb140429912:
Last Hope 2 by plug-28 Woman 5 by Ink-Orporate Music of the Mind 2 by daninad26 :thumb144464848:
Double by Ahawhawhawhaw The Traitor by punkypeggy Maera Cedar by IronMitten Run Away by Saney
Little red riding hood by IronMitten Mar Mar inc. by matcon Nightmare by Py3rr :thumb140807095:
.new health rock. by orangehamster I'm off again in my world by Estherrulez cold as a razorblade by orangehamster
:thumb141072496: Battle Kirby-Commission by Moonstar10 BUBBLEGUM by Aphrodiitee
Soul Calibur Cassandra by Starke-Haz :thumb138086050: ... lonely by gppr
Uno by Cassaa Welcome to Chinatown... by punkypeggy :thumb140386291:
Eye of the Storm -Color- by Kyou-Usagi Castle 1 by Joey-1994 :thumb123598983:
I Smell Chocolate by dun-kel :thumb143277816: :thumb143793429:
:thumb135138961: :thumb139199514: :thumb132668258:
:thumb143468489: :thumb142059275: :thumb141088457:
:thumb140979239: :thumb114317618: :thumb101164631:
:thumb140917878: :thumb122276683: :thumb137084967:
:thumb96202402: :thumb142900034: :thumb143106594:
:thumb142296596: :thumb144035458: :thumb82916561:
:thumb142366576: :thumb128074260::thumb143925399:
:thumb142485196: :thumb124643620: :thumb143062169:
:thumb142793440: :thumb141840804: :thumb140479949:
:thumb128967715: :thumb140151045: :thumb143951517:
:thumb144158543: :thumb144158228: :thumb142661604:
:thumb142154379: :thumb140951135: :thumb144329537:
:thumb142941365: :thumb144191505: :thumb139792377: :thumb138164361:
:thumb138268933: :thumb113680198: :thumb130999735:
© 2009 - 2021 Blaumohn
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i wish i was featured in one of these things. T^T. anyways- wow! didn't noticed it was organized by color. O.o
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Gosh, all of this art is SO beautiful. So many talented people in the world. :D
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Thank you so so SO much for featuring me and all these other great artists! You've picked a great selection of pieces and I'm very happy, off to look through them. Thanks so much! :)
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You're most welcome! :)
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Thanks a lot for featuring my work!! I appreciate it!
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You're welcome! :)
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thank you so much for the feature its much appreciated!
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You're welcome!
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Thank you very much for feature! :) :rose:
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Thanks a lot for the feature. I really like the way you've arranged everything by colour.
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You're welcome! :)
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Great feature! Beautifully organised! :wow:

Thanks for including me :D :love: :hug:
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I'm flattered to be up there with so many of those pictures. Thank you.
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You're welcome!
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thanks so much for the feature, very awesome stuff :]
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You're welcome! :)
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Thanks so much for the feature! :aww: :heart:
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You're welcome! :aww:
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Thank you so much for the feature! :hug: These all look wonderful. :)
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Thank you for featuring me! :)
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