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Icon shop package

Been a while ...
I'm still alive :)

This package contains 3 stores (coffee store have 2 variations)
png(32px/128px/256px) | icns | mac format

And special thanks to alexshell who support my work and beta testing :D

And thanks to jr007 and my dA friends who always support me!!
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lmao these are awesome

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Record Shop
Coffee Shop
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Nice building, bro :)
You need to make yourself an iStock account and put up these vectors for sale. Seriously.
Are these icons available for sale?
Are these Icons available for Sale?
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that's rly cooooooolll!!!
BEAUTIFUL!! Thanks for sharing...
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i like this so much :D
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Great work! Looks subliminal - you should apply for a job at Sofa, they make this kind of stuff: [link]
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Great icons! Posted on: We ♥ Icons
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I wish this set had a wallpaper shop too ;)
lol my very first post lol I had to though, and hope you still read this even though it's been a while =/

Yep, I'm yearning for more of these v.v Oh please ^^ Seriously these are so cool! Games, Vids, Recycling Center (both full and empty ^^ Full can be all dirty and full of crud in front or something, maybe trash in the entry ^^) Writing Folder (Library or Barnes & Nobles or something, can't think of a writing store that's big lol) Personal Folder (lol yeah i know, I didn't mean it that way though, I'm thinking more of a "My Folder" style, oooo a Family Business? Or something... Maybe a Locksmith building lol Computer store (Comp Programs, yay to stack-docks and stuff lol (I'm Rocket Dock lol)
A Misc building (like a Mall or Walmart?) And a 'open' building for whatever (Under Construction, or Building For Sale ^^)

:D :D :D Please? lmao seriously I love these, they are so unique! I want to have a whole 'neighborhood' of them on my desktop ^^ And thank you so much for making the dang Icon one, lol that's how I found you lmao. I've been having trouble because I have too many icons downloaded, and I want a folder for them lol. Oh there's one too ^^ Swimming Gear (for Dock-lets? ^^) lol I'm full of ideas, just not the talent (and I use gimp v.v) I can't wait to hear back ^_^

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whoaa.. these rawk!!
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i :love: it man!!!
so amazing!!
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Excellent icons :D
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Perfect as usual. :+fav:

I forgot to :+devwatch: you on my new account :O
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these are pretty awesome. insta:+fav:!
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Very nice !!!
Congrats :clap:
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