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Fudge, fudge, fudge. I typed out this whole thing about how I'm going to Germany tomorrow(today since it's past 4am?), I talked about Fanime and how I worried if other Vocaloid cosplayers even recognized my IA cosplay or if they're just the "Miku is best, I love Miku, Vocaloid should be an anime" people, also how I'm sad Kururingo is going to stop making Vocaloid songs/videos and I talked about the story she told with her series of songs itself, but after I typed it all out and was about to click submit, I pressed or clicked something by mistake and it aaaaaaaall disappeared, and there's no draft message box anywhere to help me out~ Yay~ Ah, I talk about all this stuff on my Tumblr and post all my drawings there anyway, so I don't even know why I even log onto Deviantart anymore except to keep an eye out for releases from one or two MMD modelers and have some form of contact with friends since I quit FaceBook last year. Yeeeeeeeah, I'm probably going to end up quitting DA too.
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