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Flash Class Group Assignment

By BlauerMond13
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In my Flash class, our assignment was to work together to make a mini movie. I designed our main character who ended up being named Blair.

Story: Blair is on top of a building, overlooking a city. She notices that there's trouble and jumps off the building to land on the ground. A monster walks on screen, roars, and swings his sword at Blair. She dodges by jumping to the side, then throws a fireball at the monster. The monster, defeated, falls to the ground. Blair turns around and leaves.

The shots are in order of when they were made.

Shot 16: This is the last shot. Blair is supposed to relax after fighting the monster, turn around with a smile at the camera, then walk off as it fades to black.

Shot 1: The very first shot. The camera is pointed up at the sky, showing the moon and clouds, then pans down to show Blair overlooking the city. (Yes, she just stands there with the wind blowing. It's really meant to look at the background and she's just supposed to be there.)

Shot 6: I like this one the best~! Even though I noticed something I messed up on, but I'm not telling what. Blair's landing shot after she jumps off the building.

EDIT: A classmate uploaded the movie: [link]
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How long did you finish your artwork Adriana?
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Uhh, these animations are a bit of what I contributed to my class project, so each shot was due the week after they were assigned. Apart from that, I didn't pay attention to how long they took.

(And could you please not use my real name so casually on the Internet? Although I chose to display it on my profile page, that doesn't mean I'm comfortable with everybody online throwing it around unless I know them.)
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Looks pretty good!