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Favourite Visual Artist
manbou_ane, 7:24/姉を見事に使いこなす妹P, Glider
Favourite Movies
Howl's Moving Castle, Pokemon Heroes
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Vocaloid (Manbo-Dead-Behind-the-House-P, Kikuo, Kururingo)
Favourite Books
Pokemon Special, Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles, Kobato
Favourite Games
Pokemon, Super Smash Bros, Professor Layton, Harvest Moon, Hatsune Miku: Project Diva
Favourite Gaming Platform
Computer, 3DS
Other Interests
Anime, Manga, Video games, Cosplay


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Ehhh, okay, I guess I'll keep my Deviantart account for now and sometimes upload stuff, but I'm still going to stay away from most of DA. I don't know what I'm doing anymore, I think I'm only sticking around since this is my only form of contact with some people and you can upload Flash files to DA, ahhhh I wanna animate something again, I should do that, but busyyyyy *flails*
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So apparently I may have to check Deviantart now and then because somebody claimed to be me in a set of photos from the Vocaloid gathering at SacAnime. I don't understand why, my face was all red and I was too busy laughing to stay still for the pictures, why would you want to be me, I just look silly I still prefer posting things on Tumblr though, so I'm probably not going to post on here much, but I guess I could try to post something sometimes. Why do I have to give a title to everything on here, I don't want to put a title, but it won't let me leave it blank, blargh. I still don't like the Deviantart community except for some people here
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Fudge, fudge, fudge. I typed out this whole thing about how I'm going to Germany tomorrow(today since it's past 4am?), I talked about Fanime and how I worried if other Vocaloid cosplayers even recognized my IA cosplay or if they're just the "Miku is best, I love Miku, Vocaloid should be an anime" people, also how I'm sad Kururingo is going to stop making Vocaloid songs/videos and I talked about the story she told with her series of songs itself, but after I typed it all out and was about to click submit, I pressed or clicked something by mistake and it aaaaaaaall disappeared, and there's no draft message box anywhere to help me out~ Yay~ Ah,
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:3 Happy birthday!
:3 Happy birthday, BlauerMond13!
:3 Happy birthday!!
*Neko hug* Happy birthday!!
IA!! You need photos of your cosplays since you are so precious! Though I like your artwork too! How are you??
Ah! Sorry for the late reply! I'm good, busy with school and trying to get together more cosplays, but good!

Aaaah, actually I never post my cosplays onto Deviantart, when I was more active on here I focused solely on only putting up art. I suppose I could also make a separate account for cosplay and con photos though... But I've never done any photoshoot stuff before, so I don't actually have any photos to upload besides ones I've scavenged from the internet that were taken by other people...