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EDIT 01/31/15: PRICE CHART UNDER CONSTRUCTION. Prices will be updated soon.


If you are interested in my commissions, please check this out~:heart:


:bulletblue: MAKE YOUR OWN COMBO!

This new commish request system is nicer and more customizable.
You gotta choose one option from each of the 3 categories.
Then, you can calculate the price yourself.
For example, you choose:
Sketch (u$s ) + Chibi (u$s ) + no BG (u$s ) = u$s 


:bulletpink:Sketch: u$s 

:bulletpink:Digital lineart: u$s 

:bulletpink:Colored sketch: u$s 

:bulletpink:Digital full-color: u$s 


You can request up to 4 or 5 characters. You can mix proportions.
The following prices are for each character individually.
Additional objects may be charged separately depending on their complexity.

:bulletpink:Bust-up: u$s 

:bulletpink:Chibi: u$s 
Non-realistic animals are included in this category.

:bulletpink:Waist-up: u$s

:bulletpink:Full-body: u$s 


:bulletpink:No BG: u$s 

:bulletpink:Very simple BG: u$s 

:bulletpink:Detailed BG: u$s 



  • Price: I do accept points. You will need to pay the equivalent value in points. 1 USD = 100 :points:
  • Categories: The media, proportion, and background categories still apply for my point commissions.
  • Where to pay: Once you confirm the commission, I will send you a link for you to deposit your payment.



:bulletyellow: Themes I draw:
  • Humans (or similar) in anime/manga style (normal proportions).
  • Chibis.
  • Cute anthro.
  • Animals in cute and simple style (non-realistic style);
  • Boy x girl love (NO ecchi/hentai).
Feel free to suggest new themes (unless they are listed under the following list).

:bulletyellow: I do NOT draw:
  • Mature content in general (ecchi, hentai, yaoi, yuri).
  • Gore.
  • Mecha.

:bulletyellow: Characters: I can draw the following:
  • Your own Original Characters (OCs).
  • My own Original Characters (only if I think your request depicts my character accurately according to his/her personality and story).
  • Characters from series/manga/books/movies.
  • Someone else's OCs (As long as you have written permission. Make sure you provide the other person's authorization).

:bulletyellow: Request instructions:
Please follow these steps:
1) Commission request:
Send me a note via dA asking for a commission. Write "Commission" as subject. Please send me the following form with all the details:

E-mail: (you can provide an e-mail address if you want me to send the final files to you)
Type of commission: (media + proportions + background/pixel icon/custom adoptable)
Character(s): (name, owner, copyrights...)
Characters' description: (personality, attitudes, etc. This will help me in case you leave the pose up to me)
Commission description: (a quick description of what you want, including poses, expressions, etc...)
Additional information: (if any)
References: (Please provide at least 3 clear references if you can)

2) Payment:
I will start working on your request once I have received your payment.
Paypal commissions: I will send you an invoice to your e-mail with all the details of the transaction. You will be able to choose whether to pay with credit or debit card or a Paypal account.
Point commissions: Once I confirm your commission and its price, I will send you a link where you will be able to deposit your payment.

3) Previews:
If you ask for a lineart or colored commish, I will show you the sketch before proceeding with the following steps. When I show you the sketch and ask you for approval, it's your time to say what you really think about it. I will NOT remake the commission from scratch unless I decide that. If you approve it, then I'll keep on working on it. You will NOT be able to modify the pose or any detail after you approve it.
Note that I do NOT provide previews for sketch commissions since I only have two steps (sketching and scanning). I have had some problems in the past regarding this, and I cannot make free art for anyone.

4) Submission:
Once your request is done, I'll submit it in DeviantArt (including the corresponding credits to the owner of the character), and/or send it to you via e-mail in the original file size and without watermarks.

:bulletyellow: Size and format:
  • Commission size:
My commission artworks (except for pixel art) fit into Letter/A4 paper size. All my commissions (except for pixel art) have a resolution of 300 dpi. The color profile is RGB, but you can convert it to CMYK and print it out. However, keep in mind that colors may change when printed out.
Note: Icons have a resolution of 72 ppi.

  • Commission format:
The file format can be either JPG, GIF or PNG.
If you want any other special format such as PDF, TIFF or EPS, just let me know.

:bulletyellow: Terms of service:
  • Availability:
My commissions have a particular amount of slots. If there is at least one available slot, you can ask for one of my commissions.
Please check for available slots at my main page.
Note: I have the right to decline commissions I do not feel comfortable with.

  • Time limit:
I always try to have all commissions done within one month since they were requested. In case I am very busy with school projects and exams, it may take longer than 1 month. However, I will let you know about it and I will try to finish it as soon as possible.
I usually set my own deadlines. But if you really need it done by a specific date, we can discuss it.

  • References:
To avoid any kind of misunderstanding, I will NOT draw without any kind of reference. The more visual references you provide, the more accurate your commission is going to be. Providing a brief description about your OCs' personality will be very useful too.
Note: Exceptions can be made ONLY when you're buying a custom adoptable.

  • Poses:
You can request your character in a specific pose. If you do, it would be very helpful if you provide references. If you don't want any pose in particular, you can leave it up to me. Either way is fine for me.

  • Personal style:
As an artist, I will draw your characters in the most accurate way possible. However, I will draw them in my own style. I reserve the right of interpreting your characters in my own style. I will not copy other artist's style.

  • Portfolio:
I reserve the right of submitting your commission to my dA account and/or in any other account outside dA (such as my Facebook page). If you do NOT want me to submit it on the internet, please let me know before purchasing your commission.

  • Use of my commissions:
I reserve the full rights of my image. That means that all my commissions are for your personal use only. You can use them in dA or outside dA. You can use them for IDs, icons, layouts, skins, signatures, wallpapers and/or displays for your personal sites. Just make sure you credit me by linking back to my dA main page. Do NOT claim the artwork as yours.
If you want to use it for commercial purposes, please let me know in your note. You can purchase a license for that.

  • Adoptables:
Do NOT resell my adoptables. However, I am fine with trading. In case you do trade my adoptables, please let me know who the new owner is, so there is no confusion in the future.

  • Commission examples:
I do NOT resell commissions I have previously made for other customers (even if you want me to change some details). I am so sorry, but I do not think it is fair for my previous commissioners (especially if they requested a picture of their original characters). If the character I drew for my previous customer is from a show, movie, book, etc, I can make a similar picture for you. If the character belongs to a previous commissioner of mine, please make sure you ask them for permission. And again, if it is someone else's OC, I can make you a similar commission only. I want my customers to have a unique and special commission from me. So, I think it is simply fair not to resell any of my previous commissions. I just want to make this sure, since I have been asked about this before.

  • Survey:
Once your commission is done, I would totally appreciate it if you can take my survey about my commission service. This is NOT compulsory, but it is greatly appreciated. It will not take more than 5 minutes to answer it. As a professional artist, I am committed to doing my best, improving my art, and offering excellent commission service. Your feedback will help me grow a lot.
Note: My survey is not on dA. It is a Google form.

  • No refunds:
Once I start working on your commission, no refunds will be made.
However, if I cannot keep on working on your commission for any personal reason, I will send the money back.

  • About my terms of service:
I may update all these terms of service once in a while. I can either add or remove some content. All commissions are still under my terms of service.

:bulletyellow: For Paypal commissions only:
  • All prices are in US dollars (or its equivalent in your currency) and must be paid by PayPal.
  • You need either a credit card, debit card OR Paypal account to make your payment. PayPal is a service to buy/sell online. It will NOT charge you for opening an account nor for paying for a service/product. Apart from that, it is a very secure site, so you do not have to worry about your privacy/money. You can also pay by credit or debit card via PayPal. For more details, you can check their website.
  • I know that many deviants ask you to calculate the PayPal fee and add it to the total sum... No, you do NOT pay Paypal fees when buying my commissions. However, if you want to pay them for me as a donation, I would really appreciate it.

By purchasing my commissions, you acknowledge you have read all this information.

By purchasing my commissions, you agree with all the terms listed above.



If you have any doubt or question, do not hesitate to send me a note.
You can also contact me via FB, e-mail, my Weebly site or my Twitter.
Please, contact me if you are interested~:heart:

Have a lovely day~:heart:



© 2012 - 2022 Blaue-Rose
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Zarkvus's avatar
I'll ask one. I'll send a note soon.
Blaue-Rose's avatar
Thanks a lot for your interest! :meow:
However, I'm afraid commissions are closed for now.
Sorry about the inconvenience! :aww:
Zarkvus's avatar
Wait this is anime right?
CatHelsing's avatar
Could I maybe.. commish you for an icon? *w*
Blaue-Rose's avatar
Sure~!!! >w<
I guess I can open you a special slot after Tuesday :meow:
Is that ok with you??? n_n
CatHelsing's avatar
Yay!! :la: actually, that would be great if you could maybe save a slot for me ^^; since I've commissioned a lot of people this month x'D and I think it may be better to wait until I'm paid again ;w; haha I hope that's alright <3
Blaue-Rose's avatar
Yeah, sure~!!! n_n
Actually, it's even better for me if you commission me later :meow:
I'm quite busy with school at the moment ._.
So, yes, of course you can ask for the commish later on :hug:
CatHelsing's avatar
I just sent you a note~~ >w<
Blaue-Rose's avatar
Ok, I'll check it out right now n_n
SniperCapricorne's avatar
I'm going to get a Paypal account when I get a part time job. :aww:
Blaue-Rose's avatar
Aww, sure, there's no rush, dear~!!! :hug:
I take point commishes as well, so you're fine~!!! >w<
Sakai-164's avatar
One question how much for couple sketch? And how much for lineart?

Aggdfg I dunno I'm just dying to commison you I only have 14...I'll give it for you all :iconrainbowtearplz:
Blaue-Rose's avatar
Awww, thank you~!!! :hug:
Well, it depends on the proportions~
Do you want them chibi or full-body??? :meow:
You can pay by points or PayPal~ n_n
Sakai-164's avatar
I just want sketch chibi couples :Le cries:
If its okay with if I just pay only 14 or 15 ;3;//
Blaue-Rose's avatar
Oh, I'm sorry, but that's too little compared to its real price :aww:
It's at $4 or 400 :points:~ :(
Sakai-164's avatar
That's a sketch or lineart? .w.
Blaue-Rose's avatar
Oh, yeah, you wanted either a sketch or lineart~
Sketch: $4 or 400 :points:
Lineart: $5 or 500 :points:

All my commission prices are in this journal :meow:
Sakai-164's avatar
o v o; oh my I don't have that much TTuTT

Why should I be the unlucky girl,oh well then xD
Blaue-Rose's avatar
Aww, don't worry :hug:
You can save points and get a commission once you have some~ :meow:
Or you can get a PayPal commish~
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TheAssbuttNamedYuba's avatar
I'll PayPal commission you once I get ahold of more money. :3
Blaue-Rose's avatar
Aww, really?!!! *O*
It'd be my very first PayPal commish~!!! :happycry:
Even if you don't buy a waist-up or full-body full-color commish (but a lineart or base-color), I'll give you a free chibi sketch for free~:heart:
I just wanna show you how much I appreciate it~!!! :glomp:
Indiaaaaa's avatar
Could I have a commission? :meow:
Blaue-Rose's avatar
Sure thing~!!! n_n
Please send me all the details via note :meow:
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