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Realistic eye tutorial



First, sorry for any misspellings. Second, I have MOVED my non-anthro art to a new account: :iconpenanggalan:. Still using this one for my anthro art.

Not many people enjoy doing real-looking non-animeish eyes these days, I think that's sad... figured I would make this, especially since most eye tutorials are animeish anyways. This is my attempt at a realistic eye. There are many different colors and shapes of course, and ways to give an eye expression. This is just the basics though. First tutorial I ever made, I hesitated to make it cos I really don't have much knowledge about Photoshop. You'll find this to be very simple, of course you don't have to use my technique, actually you can probably do much better! I only use the set PS brushes and I never use layers, but you can change it and do it however you like. Hopefully this will inspire you anyways!! :)

Wow, I can't believe how popular this is :o By far the most viewed/faved thing in my whole gallery! XD I'm glad people are getting such use out of it, and please, don't forget to link me to your art done using this technique! You don't have to but I'd LOVE to see it! :)
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I agree with you - people should experiment with different techniques, not just anime/manga.