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IMPORTANT: My newer non-anthro art is now at :iconpenanggalan:.

Beautiful, virtuous, wise, comforting, motherly, enchanting, caring, eternal, belonging solely to me in the surreality of my heart and mind. When I'm here, you can't hurt me. You are no one. You are a powerless gray speck in the "real" world. Meaningless and insignificant. A void with all that's good about human beings torn out and replaced with cynicism, dismissive of those who still have what you have lost and skilled only at contorting what's real and true as the lie you'd like to believe.

Here... I am a part of all that matters in the world, and she is my protector. I'd rather be part of this world than part of one where people are filled with such disdain and insincerity.
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She has a very interesting face
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ето всеголиш точка зрения творных а мы саморожденные плонета наша люди ето осознают серовно принесение зла в своих целях и есть бесмыслеца пререводить небуду
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hehe, You sure do love them bugs~. I bet they feel squishy.
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Awww...this is so warm and touchi-...WAIT! There's a giant BUG in the room! :slow:
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this is amazing....inspiring
i just got boosebumps, especially when i read what you wrote... the thoughts & concept behind this eerily resembles that of one of my own drawings.

here's a link.
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So beautiful and adorable. I love it.
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This is now my laptop background
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Groovy, creepy, and oddly soothing. Delicious coloring, too. I'm liking the traces of orange in all of that purple and green.
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Dare I say it? She's cute! Both of them...and bugs unnerve me. As do clowns. But Boogle doesn't have a perma-smile, so I am down with her. As per the cockroach, you've made her so colorful and appealing to the eye that I can't help but echo the feelings you put in the description.

...'wish I had a bug to comfort me in my brainmeats.
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i loveyou work so so much
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I'll second and third and forth every other beautiful comment here already.

Looks so comfortable.
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badassery, you should do one like this with mr nibbles!
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that is -beautiful-...i love how peaceful and cozy it looks...and also. giant bug. PERFECTION!!!! :heart:
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This is pretty much one of my favorite things.
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The colour, the motive the artist comment... I LOVE IT ALL! I like how it really looks soft and comfy. If I ever were to procreate this is what I'd put on my lecher's wall ^^
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This has got to be one of the best pictures I've seen from you, not just because of the skill you've created it with, but because of the message.
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Sweet and I love the color
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WOW! Absolutely Fantastic!!! -And I thought the WIP was good! :D
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The detail, line art, colors and lovely proportions just make this complete eye candy. I can't stop looking at it.

I love the shines you put everywhere mostly because they look exactly how they should. Cause sometimes oddly placed shines can really throw off an image but you did it perfectly.

The line art too just looks so good. Lovely amounts of thickness and thinness in the right areas with the small details. I love when artists treat their line art with as much love as the rest of the drawing.

Just really amazing job. :heart:
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I loved the WIP you posted earlier, but this is just breathtaking and inspiring. I also love what you did with the colors, its so rich and vibrant it really makes me want to break out of the more muted pallete I tend to use.
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I feel kind of like that sometimes, though my big comforting area is a big red chair with a stuffed bear. In my mind, its something else. I should draw it like you've done here.
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