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Magic Clown Horn

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It's been a while since I've inked and colored anything on paper. Thought I'd practice a bit with Boogle pony :) Done with copic markers and prismacolor pencils, with yellow glowy background done in PS.

Watched the My Little Pony & Friends dvds with Josh today (against his will mwahaha) and one of my favorite episodes, "Revolt of Paradise Estate", inspired me to create something magical/alive for Boogle. I love how in the cartoon, all the furniture in their house comes to life and grows eyes, mouths and limbs.

Her horn isn't exactly anthropomorphic, but I like to imagine it being able to "talk" with honks and hop around. And of course, it's obligatory that it be brightly colored and emit streams of maaagical glitter and rainbows. His name is Honker. He thinks he is a duck and often chases them around the Dream Castle, wanting to play but scaring them away with his obnoxious honking. Poor Honker :C At least Booglepony still loves him! *honk, honk*

If anyone out there wants to be super-awesome and draw Booglepony, her refs can be found here: [link] :D

IMPORTANT: My newer non-anthro art is now at :iconpenanggalan:.
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She's the life o' the party.
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FarthingaleProfessional General Artist
I'd love to draw Booglepony! Would you fancy another MLP OC trade?
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Certainly!! :D Note me with what you'd like :> :heart:
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FarthingaleProfessional General Artist
Done. And I'm actually finished with yours! Did it while watching three or four episodes of "Q.I." this evening. Look quite cute, I think. Coloured pencils. But I doubt it'll scan too well, so I'll probably ask for your postal address. :)
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scythemantisHobbyist General Artist
Awww thinks it's a duck! I could see Honker being friends with regular non-pony Boogle too :)

You can draw pony expressions so happy and innocent it hurts D:
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LadyGreekFireHobbyist Writer
Shes so great!
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PawFeatherProfessional Digital Artist
Great job! Love the colors.
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Morgue-MacabreHobbyist General Artist
OOHHH *grabs pen and paper* I wanna draw boogle pony. Boogle deffently makes a good pony.
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I love this
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