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Okay, I'm usually a fairly mellow person. But right now, I am supremely fucking pissed off. But I'm also somewhat proud that someone saw my work worth plagiarizing. 

I would like you guys to visits this fella's Wordpress blog, and look VERY carefully at the similarities between his work and mine; especially in the tabs marked "Outer Earths". 

Also, does the image and character in this page look familiar?…
The original:

He even forgot to change my character's name at one point:…

Looking around, I saw he had some works done HeroMachine 3 on his page; DEFINITELY go on there and check to make sure those characters he has don't belong to you. 

That is all, folks. Here is the blog in question. I have reported him already, but I need your help to make sure that this shit is not okay.…

EDIT: I have found his Facebook page:
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MadJack-S's avatar

He might be at it again...

I've gotten an email from wordpress today informing me about a tonload of new stuff on his page. So far I couldn't find anything of my stuff but you maybe you should check it out for yourself...

Blastmasterism324's avatar

EDIT: I did see he's still using the plagiarized version of my character, but other than that I don't see anything that he might have taken. Want me to let everyone else know, just in case?

MadJack-S's avatar

Better to be safe than sorry.

Blastmasterism324's avatar

Thanks for letting me know, I’ll check when I wake up.

Shinko-no-gi's avatar
I swear if I find any of the angels I did in this blog.....
Blastmasterism324's avatar
Sorry bud, it might be kinda hard to do with the images gone...
Shinko-no-gi's avatar
Couldn't find anything in my search, by the way did anyone see anything that looked like mine before he removed stuff?
Blastmasterism324's avatar
I didn't. Sorry :/ 
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I know he has pulled down a lot of the stuff that he stole but he does have some nice well-done stuff that needs to be checked :(

Blastmasterism324's avatar
I know. Honestly, I'd have a lot more appreciation for his original content if it wasn't outclassed by what he stole. 
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Reported him, but I mean really?

Annotation 2019-11-01 175215 by CandruthHM  
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He tried to remake it? Guess that's a minor improvement over stealing the original piece. 
MadJack-S's avatar
Welp, he took the images of my characters down, so I consider this affair as settled for me.
Blastmasterism324's avatar
Glad it worked out for ya! I'm gonna wait and see, hopefully he removes the pages of my character. 
MadJack-S's avatar
I guess, the cease and desist letter I sent him via contact form and on his facebook page convinced him. ;)

Here's the template:

Dear Mr. Andrew R. Burke

I own and retain all rights in the following copyrighted works (the "Work"): [title of your work]

It has come to my attention that you have made unauthorised use of the Work in the following manner:

    Displayed my pictures of [what it is], realized by me with HeroMachine3, on the website without my permission.

I have reserved all rights in the Work, originally publishes on [date], and therefore my registered copyright therein are protected under copyright laws. You neither requested mor received permission to use my Work. Therefore your unauthorised copying and use of the Work constitutes copyright infringement in violation of international copyright laws.

I demand that you cease and desist from this activity immediately. If action is not taken by you to cease and desist immediately, I will have no choice but to take appropriate legal action against you.


[your name]
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Just made a journal about all this. I think it's over
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Wordpress have just gotten back to me saying they've disabled access to all of the pages I've flagged, so that's a start. Hopefully, best case scenario is he realises that he's been caught out and removes all of the stolen stuff.

I mean, I don't want to take the guys blog down or anything, his stories deserve a platform and he has (as far as I can tell) made his own stuff alongside all of the stuff he's nicked from us, I just wish he'd been honest and asked before taking. Unfortuately he's getting what was coming to him.

Blastmasterism324's avatar
Excellent. It's nice to know he's not FULLY devoid of creativity; hopefully this gives him a major wake-up call and gets him to make new shit out of the stuff he's created himself. 

As cruel as it may sound, I have no sympathy for him. 
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Found a couple more of mine.…
Open Source: NewsFlash by Amanacer-Fiend0…
The Knights of Columbia by Amanacer-Fiend0…
Open Source: Fate Ball by Amanacer-Fiend0…
PD Redesign: Captain Shazam v2 by Amanacer-Fiend0

Also I found a character I knew that belonged to someone, Specifically Sulemania.…
American Eagle by Sulemania

Now I can't actually tell them this because they blocked me. So do you guys think that you can give them the heads up?
Nerd0And0Proud's avatar
No need. The image has been removed from the blog post.
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Fund another of mine, didn't even change the name

Blastmasterism324's avatar
He's getting sloppy. 
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What is his Facebook page? Link?
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