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SBW: Gigantimedes (World)

Name: Gigantimedes
Nickname: The Titan Region
Located in Universe: Gamma
Located in Galaxy: Aegemius Galaxy
World Type: Patron World
Class: Terrestrial
Number of Continents: 1
Diameter: 428,952 KM (Massive)
Climate: Hot, Dry
Atmosphere: Breathable
Moon number: 189
Suns: 1
Terrain: Wastelands, deserts, badlands
Native Species: Orcs, Cyclopes, Grojirn/Titans
Immigrated Species: None
Estimated Population: Approximately 68.9 billion
Points of Interest: The Boneyard, Gather Grounds, Jakkar Cliffs, periodic ruins
Savage-Beautiful Scale: Savage; a desolate, borderline-lawless world where strength rules above all, and man-eating giants constantly battle for resources and domination.

The colossal Patron World of the harsh, Social Darwinistic Universe: Gamma, Gigantimedes is the biggest world in the entirety of the Multiversal Network, dwarfing all other planets in size and held together by supernatural energies. Many, many eons ago, it was once an idyllic ocean world brimming with life, light, and beauty, where the strong nurtured the weak and taught them to fight for themselves. But time without the Sentinels has shown what happens when the negatives run unchecked; the oceans have long since dried out, leaving a dry, barren, and sun-scorched wasteland dotted with the moldering ruins of past civilizations. But that is nothing compared to the lifestyle; Gigantimedes is dominated by violence and conflict, a realm where the strongest survive and massive giants clash for resources, and the weak must live their lives scrounging for leftovers and staying out of sight. For Gigantimedes is not a world of prosperity or beauty; it is a testament to the chaos that has run rampant throughout the Network ever since the Sentinels disappeared, a perfect example of the absolute worst Universe: Gamma can offer.

Gigantimedes is a massive, former ocean world with a terrain dominated by barren wastelands, deserts, craggy mountains and badlands; scattered across it are the ruins of thousands of ancient underwater cities; the skies are a sickly red with black and purple clouds, and the planet’s massive ring is visible in the sky.

Continents: Gigantimedes is around 36% ocean, while the rest is a solid landmass that covers most of the planet. This landmass does not have an official name.

Society and Culture: Gigantimedes is widely considered the absolute WORST of the worlds in Universe: Gamma; with almost no laws, a barely-functional “government” and its people too spread out across the landscape to actually form a functioning society, the denizens of this planet do not answer to any authority and respect only strength. Those they deem weak will be immediately killed. The people of Gigantimedes—primarily the Titans—separate themselves into nomadic tribes of 40-50, never staying in one place for long and wandering the wastelands in search of water and food. When they meet a rival tribe, it will become a show of strength, and neither side will back down until the other is obliterated. The other two races of Gigantimedes live underground and in the mountains, out of sight of the Titans; because of their lives being constantly dominated by the Titans, the other two races consider each other brothers and sisters-in-arms, and are willing to work together to create a somewhat functional society.

The People:
Gigantimedes has 3 primary species; all of them only appeared after the world’s oceans dried out. The planet is the homeworld of the orcs, widely considered the most “civilized” race; they have above-human intellect and incredible strength, and are well-known to be brutish barbarians who will immediately attack anything they perceive as a threat. However, if one proves they are worthy of respect to the orcs, they will be willing to offer help and shelter to that person and their compatriots, and often extend a sense of survival-based brotherhood to those they consider allies. If someone saves an orc from death, then that orc will take a “blood oath” to aid that person and their family for the rest of their lives. The second race is the Cyclopes, 10-meter tall humanoids with a single eye and considerably low intelligence; they are carnivores with no compunctions about devouring humans, elves, and the like, but they are also impressive craftsmen with surprising skill in architecture; the orcs rely on them to help build their underground lairs.

But the biggest and most notorious species of Gigantimedes is the Grojirn; popularly known as the Titans. They are 97-meter tall, humanoid barbarians with 4 arms, absolutely unfathomable strength and the ability to breath scorching fire for long periods of time. The Titans are violent man-eaters who will devour anything they can get their hands on, and will always defer to those they consider the strongest in their tribe; these strongest Titans are considered the leaders, but even they defer to the Titan who holds the Blessing of Leadership, a title bestowed on the strongest of all and is passed on to whomever defeats the previous one. The Blessing of Leadership might not even be just a mere title either, for it is becoming increasingly clear those who hold it can confer with an ancient, slumbering power…

Standing in the Galactic Community: Because of Gigantimedes’s brutal culture and general lack of resources, the Star Metropolis and the assorted worlds of the Delta Foundation want nothing to do with it and are quite content to watch the planet die out. Though some may believe the Titans and the orcs may make essential allies in the grand scheme of things, it is near-unanimously accepted that Gigantimedes should be seen as it is: a death world.

Done in HeroMachine 3.
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