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SBW: Frostbite
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Published: June 2, 2019
Name: Kun Tum Es (Birth name), Aiden Joseph Hubert (Current name)
Codename: Frostbite

Affiliation: Parthenon Mutations
Occupation(s): Unemployed
Alignment: Bad

Species: Human (Paradigm)

Age: 29
Hair: Black

Eye Color: Blue 

Birthplace: Centune 
Ability/Superpower: Ice Manipulation 
Mutation Price: Taste

Kun-Tum-Es (Atlas name Aiden Hubert) is a lot of things; a man from another world where humankind lives differently, dangerous with ropes and traps, and possessing a superpower that – if he only had the motivation to learn it – could leave the entirety of Atlas a freezing wasteland.

But more to the point, he’s a moron. A lazy, abrasive moron who nobody likes, not even his fellow supervillains. Eternally convinced he’s the shit (and acts like it) despite being an unambitious and crude dunce who does nothing but snipe and complain, he’s been regulated to robbing banks and other low-level crimes simply because he’s too incompetent to achieve anything else, and he holds the record of being the villain beaten by the Nightlighters the quickest (he spent most of the fight gesturing and roaring for the crowd, not even paying attention to the one Nightlighter walking up to him for a decisive roundhouse kick). How he’s made it this far on his dog-eat-dog jungle homeworld of Centune is anyone’s guess, and he’s certainly not telling, but the fact he used to be part of a tribe probably has something to do with it. Despite his idiocy and general jackassery, Aiden has shown some rare and stunning moments of insight, and deep down, he may not be entirely okay with working for Project: G.E.M as he seems.
It appears he has a past with not only Nightlighter member Yikuma/Sharpshooter, but also fellow supervillain Patriarch.

Aiden Hubert/Frostbite has the ability to manipulate ice for a variety of uses; he primarily uses them to create massive shields of frost and razor-sharp icicles. A common worry for many superheroes is that he will eventually find the motivation to actually master his abilities; once he does, the chances of him becoming a global threat rise exponentially.

Frostbite’s price for becoming a Paradigm was his ability to taste different foods.

Done in HeroMachine 3. Dream voice cast for Frostbite is Steve Blum using his Electrocutioner voice from Batman: Arkham Origins.

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