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SBW: Ammonite
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Published: May 26, 2019
Name: Cade Winston Vanderbilt
Codename: Ammonite

Affiliation: Parthenon Mutations
Occupation(s): Office Worker
Alignment: Bad

Species: Human (Paradigm)

Age: 32

Hair: Red

Eye Color: Blue

Birthplace: Atlas

Ability/Superpower: Giant Monster Mode (Ammonite) Animal Shapeshifting, Size Shifting, Power via Gesture, Super Stength/Durability, Water Breathing, N/A

Mutation Price: Voice

Before he was the Seafarer Leviathan, Cade Vanderbilt was the oceanic supervillain Ammonite. Best defined as a man with nothing to lose, he’s lost his finances, loved ones, job, and even home though a string of circumstance and bad choices, forcing him to turn to crime in desperation. His path of robbery and burglary soon led him into the clutches of a scientific organization that promised to help him get his life back in exchange for his service; and Cade was all too happy to comply.
And as with the other unlucky souls before him, Cade was dragged into one of Project: G.E.M’s labs… and walked back out as a superpowered Paradigm with a part of himself gone for good; in exchange for the ability to shapeshift into a gigantic sea monster, he lost his ability to speak, losing the only thing that kept him sane over the long years of losing everything.

Now with power only a fingersnap away, Cade targets not only coastal settlements, but also ship routes between the Grand Lands and Atlas’s other two continents, using his sea monster form to tear ships apart and drag them underwater. Despite finally having an outlet to release his pent-up rage and frustrations, Cade finds himself disturbed and concerned by the increasingly-ruthless orders given to him by his superiors in G.E.M. He may not have a voice he can use to question his orders, but he still can’t shake the feeling he’ll eventually destroy something even bigger than a bunch of cargo ships…

Cade Vanderbilt/Ammonite’s Paradigm superpower is summoning a gigantic sea monster around himself by snapping his fingers and controlling it from within; the creature resembles the extinct mollusk that’s his callsign’s namesake, and his normal human body is encased within a cocoon of flesh in the monster’s brain. When in this form, Cade gains unfathomably powerful durability and strength; however, Cade can only last in his monster form for 23 hours, and can only transform twice a day.

Cade Vanderbilt’s price for becoming a Paradigm was his voice, rendering him functionally mute.

Done in HeroMachine 3. Dream voice cast for Ammonite is JB Blanc.

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