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United States
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As you all can see, I'm not a very consistent/active member of DA.
While this may, or may not, be an issue of yours matters not, for it is of NO inconvenience to myself.
ANYWHAY! [h is intended]

As this IS my THIRD Journal entry, I shall inform you all of my life and so on and so forth! . . .
Actually, nevermind, I'll just give you the gist of what's occurred.

I started College. I am now in my 2nd Semester. My 1st Semester was for Computer Information Technology: Application Development. I am now going for General Studies as I'm not 100% sure that I want to go in any certain path.

I've been a part of over 10 Different Campaigns, maybe over 15, for a significant amount of time [over 1 month each.] Varying from Dungeons and Dragons [version 2, 3.5, Pathfinder, and 4.0] to Pokemon Tabletop Adventures! [Old and New Versions]

Needless to say, I've been QUITE the role-player as of late. Do not expect me to RP with you though. I refuse to RP-Post anymore. It is unstructured AND unbalanced. People [even in campaigns I've attended] use "metagame knowledge" far to often. [Metagame Knowledge means to mix Player Knowledge and Character Knowledge to benefit to Players/Characters in diverse ways rather than to act out their characters for who their characters are.]

I also dislike powerplayers. As I know I am guilty of this crime, I give people a chance to realize this trait before judging them appropriately. Role-Playing is NOT about winning. It is about telling a Story! Don't maximize your power unless it's something your character wishes. And don't SAY it's what your character would want just cuz YOU want him/her to have it. To Role-Play doesn't ENTIRELY mean that YOU are in control of your character. Sometimes a character will be possessed or brainwashed, etc etc. Don't always do what's best for your character. Do what your character would do. For example, Player A wants his character, Character A to become the Number 1 Wizard in all the land... Character A is a Swordsman. Does that mean that it's right for Player A to make Character A a Swordsman Wizard? Yes and No. Here's why:

Scenario Yes: Character A saw the true power of Wizardry and would like to harness it out of some type of ambition. (Revenge, Bloodlust, etc.)

Scenario No: The Character has NO interest at all with Magic. Even if he wants Vengeance, he will do it without the help of magic. [Maybe he forbids himself because someone he knew very well was killed through the use of Wizarddry.]

Annnnnnnnnnnnnd that's my rant for the year! :D


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