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New Oc Unknown

Name - ( Real name unknown )
Age - ???
Gender - Male
Likes - killing, hacking, annoying police officers, energy drinks, cats, watermelons
Dislikes - Light
Personality - psychopath, douchebag, mean

Sometimes I think maybe I should stop making new ocs so often because I already have so many..
But I can't help myself..xDD 
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This is awesome. How do you draw hands and feet, I’m dying over here!!!

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I think Unknown and Nobody would get along just fine.

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Neat looking character.
Hey do you mind if I use this I'll credit it you 
GRC02's avatar
I honestly really love the mouths on the sides of the torso with the tongue arm thingys, it's a really unique and awesome design
Sanji301's avatar
wow i'm totally crazy about it. may i make a figure of it and put it on my youtube channel
Novagem787's avatar
I love this GAHHH, Hes so cool
PhalanNimue's avatar
well at least he likes catsKitty Dance Kitty Glasses IT'S MY CAT IN A BOX! Kitty begging Kitty kitty - Rave Kitty kitty - Dont care Kitty kitty - snug Kitty kitty - pig out Kitty emoticon Blair Kitty :animation: Kitty kitty - Defeated Kitty kitty - happy happy Kitty kitty - on the prowl kitty plz Kitty kitty - Tease Kitty kitty - Pattycake Kitty kitty - annoyed kitty groom emoji kitty stretch emoji kitty run emoji kitty tug emoji kitty walk emoji Kitty kitty - a penny for your thoughts? Kitty kitty - Hero Kitty screm Kitty-yay (Nyampire) Kitty kitty - Ninja Skills Hip Hop Cat Yum Cat 
ThaMaJesticArtist's avatar
Is your OC for sale or trade?
DrxRobo's avatar
really nice design you should probably add a few  weaknesses in my opinion and besides we don't need anymore gary stews   
HeathenUmbra's avatar
the way you draw hands is just dfvgbgbhnj
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Okay OC critique time, this character is very intriguing because he's mysterious. But next time don't make likes dislikes and stuff be a list but rather a paragraph of stuff.
ReaThePegasus's avatar
dude he can do anything he wants so why you should force him anyway?
SpiritBoxscape's avatar
yeah but its an suggestion.
oh god, why do i find him attractive.... SAVE ME BEFORE I SHIP!!!!
MOGESI's avatar
I can draw him and my role pairing it?
proxyskull666's avatar
I love it so much that I even wish for this character to be mine!! don't worry I'm not going to steal it.
PirateZemotionless's avatar
<3 Such a handsome man (thing o-o)
IronBroFst's avatar
It's like the Deep Web personified!
So cool!
xXdrawingguyXx's avatar…

Hey blastic we have similar OCs how convenient xD
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