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Friends on the Other Side

”You’re in my world now, not your world”
 ”And I got friends on the other side” 

  Friends on the Other Side - 
METAL COVER by Jonathan Young
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"if you ask me to speedrun one more time i will commit warcrimes in siberia"

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This kinda look like high rise

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wow Dream really changed huh?

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hey, bro look at this cool meme

them, turning the laptop towards you:

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I was thinking that this was Cryaotic fanart XD
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Yeah, I just found out about that stuff a couple of days ago. Trust me, I'm not very happy about it either :'(
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Amazing! this looks so good~
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Amazing artwork and love the character
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Oh god that smile creeps me out its just so innocent and cute yet so scary! >w<

Love this though looks amazing!! :D
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I'm going to listen to that cover!
Kinda reminds me of the movie Smiley.
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What paranoid people think everyone who uses the Internet is like
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I like it but at first glance I honestly thought this was fan art of the youtuber known as Cryaotic or simply Cry. 
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Awesome work, the blood looks incredible.
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Who my parents think my online friends are
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