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Sansa Stark from Game of Thrones.
Roughly 4-5 hrs.
Just for fun, just for practice.

Haters gonna hate! But I love her ;p
No spoilers from the readers please!

Reference pic [link]
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The look in the eyes sends chills down my spine.  I love this, you do her strength justice.
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would you mind giving a 1920X1080 or higher wallpaper of this please?!
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Sorry, this is the size I painted it at!
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Sansa's soooo hawt. :drool:
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Shes very sweet - but there is always Dany...............
my wallpaper from now on.
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Great Art .Love Sansa nice Detail Keep up the good work Talent like this is hard to come by.
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oh my gosh! <3
I loved expression of her eyes in this moment so much, and you caught it very well.
I was thinking what everyone else was thinking:

"Push him! Push Joffery off the roof! Do it! Damn you the Hound!"

Great picture!
i love the look in her eyes. The cold of the north.
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Thank you! I was so happy to see more of her in last week's episode! I feel she has so much room for character development and love all her scenes.
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such perfect!!!
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Wow this is fantastic! Perfect pose!
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Never read the books, never watched the series. And this is a GORGEOUS picture. The hair looks very real, just like the eyes. Very well done :D
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Thank you! I only started watching this Valentine's Day! It's good, if you're into the medieval period sort of thing! You should give it a shot if you ever have the time :)
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I'll try to. And you're welcome :)
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