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Ron x Hermione, DH

Just finished re-reading HP 1-3 and feeling all a-flutter over the cuteness of young Ron and Hermione! Was never really a shipper but I have to say, they really grow on you!

Anyway, found a super awesome screencap of them from DH and just had to draw it! Tried an entirely different technique where I "painted" them rather than did line art and colored in. Pretty happy with the results!

Screencap/Reference pic: [link]
WIP shots: [link]
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wonderful drawing! I think it has a little Fallout touch in it wich is awesome, especially in colors
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wow I love the way you've coloured this! :la: Great work
GoldenPhoenix75's avatar
just amazing! hermione is particulary good!
xSadix's avatar
It looks so much like Emma and Rupert
Awwsum's avatar
This is just so wonderful! :D
BumblingBee's avatar
This is epicness! You captured them perfectly and I love the "paintery" look.
cloveralien89's avatar
love love love! ;p
Rupert and Emma! woo!
good job
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you did that!!!!
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I love their poses and expression and the dark colors. Really captures the mood!
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Very interesting style-it almost looks like a vector. Lovely detail. Ron's face (above the right eye) looks like it needs a more defined eyebrow to make him look a bit more "human" and less buggy, but then again, I'm not looking at the reference. Nice work! :)
blastedgoose's avatar
Yeah, I've gotten a few similar comments about Ron's eye -- thanks for the honest feedback, glad you like it overall! :)
RawritstheCatsaurus's avatar
Holy crap! At first I thought this was just a screenshot, and then I looked at it, and I was. . . AMAZED. :iconiloveitplz:
RAWRItzKat's avatar
WAAAAHH SO AMAZING O_O It looks JUST like the movie screenshot o: Although I do agree with a couple of the comments, Ron's eyes do look a little odd ^^;
blastedgoose's avatar
Glad you liked it! Have gotten similar comments on Ron's eye, yes -- thanks for being honest, hopefully my skills will get better from here!
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This looks just like them! Beautiful work!
Mimykitty's avatar
Oh gosh. I thought this was a photo from the movie, from the thumbnail. This is absolutely perfect.
MyRisenShadow's avatar
That is so amazing!! At first, I thought it was a screenshot or something, awesome job!
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