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Lupin's Secret

Finally, here is my long overdue Marauders piece! This scene takes place in the fall of their 2nd year at Hogwarts, when they first discover Lupin's secret and decide to become Animagi! Tried my best to make them look 12-13 yrs old, but this is the best I could do without making them look 8, boo.

Here is the conversation I imagine them having --
Remus: Really? You don't care?
Sirius: Have more faith in us, mate!
James: I just had...the most awesome...idea...
Peter (thinking): Omg a it cool it cool...

Just some thoughts on their appearances and such --
Sirius: I always imagined him a bit tan, like his cousin Bella, unlike the typical fairness of most white Brits.
Remus: Unlike the others, whose skin has a pinkish hue, I gave Remus a yellowish look to reflect his "condition."
James: I typically draw James without glasses as I was sure it was never mentioned that he wore them as a student, but it turns out I was wrong. However, I refuse to give him the same glasses as Harry. Instead, I settled on a frame that was popular in the 70s.
Peter: I originally wanted to give him a dorky haircut, but decided to go for a "little boy in the 40s" style instead. He seems like the kind of dude his mom would fuss over. With the influence of his friends, he'd eventually move on to a "cooler" style maybe in his 3rd or 4th year.

So that's that! Here are close-ups of each Marauder --
Sirius [link]
Remus [link]
James [link]
Peter [link]
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Lovely picture. :) Made me happy to see.

Could someone tell me where in the books it says that James has glasses? I was under the impression it didn't clearly state that he did have glasses in the books, but I keep hearing that somewhere it says that he indeed does. Just wondering so I can see it with my own eyes.

(Also, I put this on my marauder fan blog at
If that is not okay, just let me know. I gave credit and there is a link to the DeviantArt page of yours though.)
blastedgoose's avatar
I can't remember where... but I do recall people going crazy and referencing me to various quotes when I drew him without glasses before, so I buckled down and gave him a pair. Although, I refuse to give him the same round ones because that's just implausible.
lifeofcj's avatar
Yeah, I reread the prequel and found that it did indeed say he had glasses. Hm. Well, I won't argue with Rowling. And I agree, why would he have the same glasses as Harry? James came from money. He could have a nice pair. Harry was forced to get the cheapest ones.
lifeofcj's avatar
Nevermind! I forgot it was stated in the Prequel that James has glasses.
Gryffgirl's avatar
Wonderful scene! I love them! :heart:
Smexy-Raver001's avatar
this is absolutely brilliant
KJayJay97's avatar
This made me remember how in the books, Lupin said James referred to it as his "furry little problem" and how people thought it was a badly behaved rabbit (book six).
Good job, this is awesome.
WhiteGrenade's avatar
This is flippin perfect-tastic! Exactly how I imagined them! Well done!
catwalkingowl's avatar
I love it!!! This shows the true 12 year old Marauders. Wonderful work. Well done. Their appearance is perfect.
blastedgoose's avatar
Thanks! I had a difficult time making them look 12, but I'm glad you like it! :D
Nyctic's avatar
This is quite possible the BEST Marauders picture I have ever seen. The boys truly look like they've been descrided by JKR, not modeling them after the actors in the movies, and you managed to capture their personalities in just the still with their expressions and body language. Even down to the finest details that make remus's condition apparent and Peter's nervous nibbling on the tip of his wand, you've done an excelent job. This is amazing.
blastedgoose's avatar
Wow, thank you! I did my best :D
Nyctic's avatar
You're vrey welcome!
NorroenDyrd's avatar
Great artwork! (insert Remus fan squee here) :D
Abyss-Valkyrie's avatar
OOHH!!Nice idea,especially the dialogue with Peter!Lol!Beautiful shading i say!
blastedgoose's avatar
Thanks! I got inspired after I re-read PoA!
musicalprincess's avatar
sirius looks like beck from victorious

just in case you've never seen it, here is a pic of him
blastedgoose's avatar
Omg that is uncanny :-o
musicalprincess's avatar
i know as soon as a saw the pic i was like he looks like beck, your pic is awesome by the way, i wish i could draw that well
nagisa2345's avatar
they all look amazing and poor remus he has shadow under his eyes, al those late nights ;)
AndreaArizaA's avatar
I'm not much of a Potter fan nowadays, but this is a very nice pic of them. You caught their essence very well, and I like the way you painted the ground. Works wonderfully.

Nice job :D
AndreaArizaA's avatar
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